Synnex assembles services portfolio

Synnex assembles services portfolio


For $25, Synnex Australia will assemble your clone PC, slap your badge on it and distribute it to your customer. It's part of an ambitious plan to ramp up the distributor's services business while ensuring its assembler partners source all of their components from Synnex.

The distributor seeks to dramatically boost its "minimal" services revenues with new initiatives, such as assembling for white-box resellers and vendor inventory management for supply partners.

Aimed at utilising some of the excess space at its huge warehouse as well as adding more value for its customers and suppliers, the services will kick off in the second quarter.

Frank Sheu, managing director for Synnex, said this new services model is one that has been successfully adopted by the $8 billion parent group in Taiwan and other parts of Asia.

"We will no longer just be a time-and-place distributor," Sheu said. "We will be moving into complementary business models such as logistics and third-party assembly. In that way, we can become a distribution hub.

"It is a model that has been very successful for Synnex overseas so we definitely have the know-how and the resources to set it up here." Sheu said Synnex is already assembling its own Mytac brand PCs at the Oakleigh South site in Melbourne on a build-to-order basis, but the new assembly service will be for any reseller's brand.

"We will put whatever brand they have on [the assembled PCs] and will offer the service to any customer that wants us to take over the assembly of their brand," Sheu said. "There will be an online configuration service before we put together the product and ship it as a complete white box to the reseller or direct to their customer. We will also carry the warranty for them."

Sheu said the assembly service will cost resellers $25 per PC and will be available in any volume, from a single PC upwards. "It will allow the reseller to eliminate all the overheads of having technical staff and facilities, thereby allowing a clearer focus on solution sales and integration or management services," he said.

"The assembly is not that hard but the logistics around it is. We will take all that hassle away from them so they don't have to worry about any of those issues," Sheu said.

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