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BigAir launches Australia’s first independent wireless broadband network

  • 03 March, 2004 16:57

<p>Australia’s first wireless ISP delivers faster, more reliable, better value broadband services</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia -- March 3rd, 2004 - BigAir Australia Pty Ltd, Australia’s first wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) and licensed telecommunications carrier, officially launches its commercial broadband Internet services in Sydney this week.</p>
<p>Businesses and consumers are often frustrated by the aggravation of obtaining fast, reliable and effective Internet access from major telecommunications giants, and smaller ISPs often struggle to compete without competitive wholesale rates. BigAir is now able to offer a viable, fast and cost effective alternative by providing broadband to businesses and homes using its own fixed wireless network.</p>
<p>“We have engineered, built and now operate our own independent broadband network using carrier-grade high-speed wireless equipment for the last mile,” said Jason Ashton, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of BigAir. “It has been estimated that more than 30 percent of homes are located in ‘broadband black holes’ where ADSL and cable services are not available. BigAir delivers a fast, cost effective and reliable broadband service to these locations.”</p>
<p>BigAir bypasses the aging copper network that is used by ADSL services. This enables BigAir to offer a totally unique broadband experience to both consumers and businesses, with complete control over speed, service and price.</p>
<p>“BigAir has had a tremendous impact on our business,” said Tim Howard, Director of Net Harbour, a leading provider of web-based CRM solutions. “Internet connectivity is critical to our operations. The reliability and lightning fast speed of the BigAir network have enabled us to offer a better service to our customers, at the same time saving us money. Plus we were up and running within 24 hours.”</p>
<p>BigAir was the first licensed carrier to offer commercial broadband wireless services in metropolitan Sydney on a widespread basis. Complete independence from other major telecommunications companies means that BigAir has the flexibility to set pricing, features and service for customers. Put simply, BigAir offers a highly attractive and competitive broadband alternative without the hassle of provisioning any services through the incumbent.</p>
<p>“We are helping accelerate the uptake of broadband by delivering a true broadband service to both the SME and residential markets,” said Jason Ashton. “At BigAir we do not believe that 256kbit/s or 512kbit/s are ‘true’ broadband services. We offer a minimum of 1Mbit/s as our entry-level product. We are committed to continuously developing and implementing the next generation of wireless standards (802.16, etc) which will enable us to deliver 10Mbits/s+ broadband services to all our customers in the near future.”</p>
<p>The company has also engineered an in-building distribution system for use in multi-tenant buildings that makes use of existing in-building wiring and requires only a small radio-receiver on a rooftop to deliver a BigAir service to all occupants without requiring any form of customer premise modem. This system can be installed in a building without any existing broadband access in as little as a day.</p>
<p>Founded in 2002, BigAir has raised more than $2 million through seed and series-A equity capital raisings. Founders Jason Ashton and Patrick Choi, in addition to Sydney Capital Partners are the major investors in the company. The Sydney Capital Partners strategic investment group includes both local and international investors.</p>
<p>“Our syndicate members were very excited about the opportunity to invest in BigAir as they are clearly in the right place at the right time and have an innovative solution. The broadband market is undergoing explosive growth and it is great to see an Australian company providing a real alternative to the incumbents monopolistic like control of the local access network,” said Steve Liebeskind, Sydney Capital Partners.</p>
<p>BigAir is aiming to increase its Sydney network coverage from four to 12 basestations by the end of 2004.</p>
<p>About BigAir
BigAir is a new generation telecommunications carrier rolling out a broadband network using carrier-grade high-speed wireless equipment. BigAir is delivering its broadband Internet services to businesses and residences. The service is delivered through point-to-multipoint fixed wireless infrastructure operating in the 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz spectrum, which is regulated for Class License use by the Australian Communications Authority. BigAir delivers a unique combination of carrier grade reliability and small service provider flexibility to the small to medium sized enterprise and residential markets. For more information, please visit</p>
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