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Mercury Optimizes Application Quality for SAP Solutions

  • 20 April, 2004 09:30

<p>Integration of Mercury’s Leading Functional Testing Product Certified by SAP</p>
<p>SUNNYVALE, CALIF,— APRIL 19, 2004 —Today, Mercury Interactive Corporation (NASDAQ: MERQ), the global leader in business technology optimization (BTO), announced that the integration of Mercury’s leading functional testing product, Mercury QuickTest Professional 6.5, has been certified by SAP.</p>
<p>The integration of Mercury QuickTest Professional 6.5, part of Mercury Quality Center, has been certified by SAP for integration with the SAP extended Computer Aided Test Tool interface 6.20 based on the Windows GUI (BC-eCATT).</p>
<p>Using this SAP NetWeaver integration and application platform and Mercury QuickTest Professional, customers can run quality tests in environments that span beyond Windows and SAP solution-based environments, including advanced, multi-platform, highly-integrated composite, legacy and proprietary enterprise applications.</p>
<p>By extending the SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) with Mercury QuickTest Professional, SAP customers can further optimize and manage all their enterprise quality testing from one central location, saving time, money and resources.</p>
<p>“Almost a quarter of the SAP installed customer base is targeting completion of an upgrade by the end of 2004,” said Brian Zrimsek, research director, at Gartner, Inc. “Companies are looking to reduce the resources required for these upgrades, and automated testing solutions ensure the quality, performance and ROI of these applications over the total lifecycle.”</p>
<p>“The rapid adoption of large scale, multi-environment enterprise applications has created strong demand for Mercury’s quality and performance testing offerings,” said Rod Lehman, director of product marketing at Mercury. “The integration of Mercury QuickTest Professional with SAP NetWeaver allows SAP customers to eliminate legacy approaches to testing, while increasing the ability to optimize the quality and performance of their most sophisticated software.”</p>
<p>Mercury QuickTest Professional addresses the needs of both business analysts and quality assurance professionals by providing robust automated application quality testing capabilities to reduce the need for manual, expensive processes that require advanced technical expertise. The SAP eCATT interface is a part of SAP NetWeaver and helps IT organizations plan the entire testing phase, assigning responsibilities and managing all test cases, including test execution, recording test cases, generating input data, and automating tests.</p>
<p>To download a trial version of Mercury QuickTest Professional for integration with SAP NetWeaver, visit</p>
SAP has established Integration &amp; Certification Centers where software vendors can get the services they need to support their integration efforts and to complete the integration certification process. SAP provides a rich set of integration scenarios that enable third-party vendors to integrate their software with SAP solutions seamlessly. The Integration &amp; Certification Centers support integration projects for non-SAP software in order to help ensure high-quality integrations, thus lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction in the long run. Mercury has successfully used this service for Mercury QuickTest Professional 6.5, which was awarded “SAP Certified Integration.”</p>
Mercury has worked closely with SAP since the mid-1990s and became an SAP Software Partner in 2000. Since that time, Mercury has developed a complete set of application delivery, application management, and IT governance offerings built around SAP solutions. Customers worldwide have successfully used Mercury’s offerings to deploy, upgrade and maintain their SAP solutions. In June 2003, SAP customers voted Mercury a triple winner in the SAP FAQ Member’s Choice Awards. Mercury and SAP continue to work together to optimize the performance and business value delivered from SAP applications. The integration of Mercury QuickTest Professional and SAP NetWeaver is another building block in this strategic partnership.</p>
Mercury Interactive (NASDAQ: MERQ), the global leader in business technology optimization (BTO), is committed to helping customers optimize the business value of information technology. Founded in 1989, Mercury conducts business worldwide and is one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies today. Mercury provides software and services to govern the priorities, people, and practices of IT; deliver and manage applications; and integrate IT strategy and execution.</p>
<p>Customers worldwide rely on Mercury offerings to improve quality and performance of applications and manage IT costs, risks and compliance. Mercury BTO offerings are complemented by technologies and services from global business partners. For more information, visit</p>
<p>For further information please contact:
Gabrielle Cichero Mercury Interactive 02 9418 8100
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 02 9418 8100</p>

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