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Anyware Announces Official Australian Distributorship of Klipsch Multimedia Speakers

  • 20 January, 2006 12:34

<p>Anyware Computer Accessories has been appointed the official Australian distributor for the Klipsch multimedia speaker range. Well known for their theatre systems and commercial installations, Klipsch also design and manufacture multimedia computer speakers, of which Anyware will be distributing the ProMedia® Ultra 2.0 and the ProMedia® GMX A-2.1 speakers to the Australian market.</p>
<p>Established with the launch of the Klipsch ProMedia® line, Klipsch's Multimedia Audio Division has been praised by the electronic entertainment industry for its groundbreaking, market-leading designs. Klipsch is a globally recognized brand known for its ultra dynamic sound systems for homes, computers, professional cinemas and commercial venues. With a cult-status following of dedicated fans, Klipsch is acclaimed throughout the industry as an innovator that strives for excellence in the powerful, detailed reproduction of music and film sound.</p>
<p>Klipsch is well established within the European and US markets as a leader in the design and manufacture of quality speaker systems. However the organisation’s multimedia computer speaker range has had minimal exposure in the Australian market thus far. Klipsch’s partnership with Anyware will assist in bridging the gap in the world market for the company and also create another quality product line for Anyware.</p>
<p>The ProMedia® GMX A-2.1 and the ProMedia® Ultra 2.0 speakers are designed for consumers who want true high-fidelity sound, but do not have the space for a multi-speaker surround setup. They deliver dynamic sound from any audio source, including iPods, PCs, CD, DVD and MP3 players, game consoles, laptops, television sets and VCRs.</p>
<p>The ProMedia® GMX A-2.1 speakers consist of two magnetically-shielded satellite speakers with two-way design, 3-inch woofers, Klipsch's exclusive MicroTractrix® horns, ball joint pedestal mounts that allow the speakers to be aimed securely in almost any direction with just a twist of the hand, subwoofer with 75-watt amplifier, control pod with two stereo inputs: one dual RCA, one 1/8" minijack, superlative dynamic output of 108 dB for music, games, and movies and wide response levels from 30-20,000Hz +- 5 dB.</p>
<p>The ProMedia® Ultra 2.0 consists of two magnetically-shielded satellite speakers with two-way design that utilizes dual 2.5-inch fibre-composite cone drivers and a 1-inch metallised polymer tweeter. An exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix™ horn is coupled to the tweeter for maximum clarity and efficiency. The woofers are long-throw units powered by unique neodymium motor structures. This audiophile design approach provides rich midrange clarity, extended airy highs and a satisfying bass punch, creating balance throughout the audio spectrum.</p>
<p>The ProMedia® GMX A-2.1 speakers retail for $249.95 and are available now.
The ProMedia® Ultra 2.0 speakers retail for $219.00 and are available now.</p>
<p>Anyware is a wholesaler only and does not sell directly to the public.</p>
<p>Distributed by Anyware Computer Accessories
Sydney I Melbourne I Perth I Adelaide I Brisbane
1300 ANYWARE (1300 269 927)</p>

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