What's new from ... Wyse, Citrix, Tuxia, WRQ

What's new from ... Wyse, Citrix, Tuxia, WRQ


After its acquisition of Netier Technologies in November last year, thin-client hardware vendor Wyse Technology announced the availability of WyseWorks Rapport 2.5. The software is designed to support Wyse Winterm 8000 series of thin appliances, based on Windows NT Embedded.

Originally developed by Netier, WyseWorks Rapport aims at enabling IT managers and network administrators to eliminate the burden of visiting every desktop in an enterprise by centrally managing software distribution, device diagnostics and configuration and asset management. WyseWorks Rapport enables software updates, remote diagnosis and management on tens of thousands of thin appliances from a central location.

Pricing for WyseWorks Rapport is $US15 per seat for the workgroups edition, and $US30 per seat for the enterprise edition.

Wyse: (02) 9522 3122,


In September last year, Citrix Systems Asia Pacific announced the availability of Citrix NFuse 1.5 Web application portal software with expanded application delivery and access capabilities. The new features of this software centred on enhanced performance, improved usability and increased security.

The improved features are designed to further enable integration and personalisation of applications into Web portals, along with providing better application management and control.

The personalisation and managed application access enabled by NFuse 1.5 allows organisations to deploy interactive applications and personalised content via a Web browser.

Citrix NFuse application portal software provides an aggregation point for end-user access to information, as well as a broad range of applications - such as Windows, UNIX, Java and new Web-based applications.

Citrix NFuse is currently available in Australia and is distributed through: Alstom IT, 1300 36 25 25; Express Data, (02) 8336 5100; and LAN Systems, (02) 9901 3655.

Citrix: (02) 8870 0828,


Tuxia's Taste enables the advantages of minimised-cost PC architectures and applications to be combined with the advantages of centrally managed, secure and scalable host environments. Taste has been developed to achieve high levels of connectivity and provide highly secure and reliable access to business-critical applications in diverse host computing environments.

The Taste Thin Client is based on the Linux Version 2.4, with full remote management tools for easy deployment and an embedded Mozilla browser featuring a full complement of plug-ins.

Tuxia's Thin Client Solution provides connectivity to the most diverse heterogeneous computing environments including Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Citrix WinFrame and MetaFrame, as well as a multitude of legacy systems.

Taste Thin Client's core features include: standard LibC6 libraries; an optimised environment; an architecture-specific boot loader; a unique set-up tool featuring a central, single parameter file; field upgrade ability; a file system providing up to 3:1 compression for minimised footprint; and a full complement of standard Linux tools.

Tuxia's Taste is currently distributed in Australia, with pricing upon application.

Tuxia: (02) 9659 2012,


WRQ Verastream is a family of enterprise integration and e-business software for seamlessly tying together all front-office, back-office and Web systems. It has two main solutions: Verastream Integration Broker, which provides integration for databases and packages of ERP or CRM applications; and Verastream Host Integrator, which provides integration for terminal-based host applications.

Verastream Host Integrator is designed to enable the integration of legacy data with Web and client-server applications. Verastream Host Integrator provides a middleware interface that assures data consistency and enables integrators to create a components-based infrastructure that is easy to extend and modify as business needs change.

Verastream Host Integrator is non-invasive to the legacy host, enabling data access without compromising the robustness, security or stability of the legacy system. The software currently supports a series of transaction-intensive environments and can concurrently access applications running on IBM, HP, Open VMS and UNIX host systems.

WRQ Verastream enterprise software is currently available in Australia from Fluid Connections, (02) 9968 1234, with pricing upon application.

WRQ: (02) 9964 9215,

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