Short & Curlies

Short & Curlies

For those channel companies seeking loopholes in presenting factual financial information to the ATO, try blaming technology. The Fiji Government admitted last week it lost its entire financial data for 2001 due to a computer error. Tabloid smells a new case study for disaster recovery equipment . . . Which CA employee, while winging it over the Pacific, managed to drink so much, so quickly, that he was blacklisted by the hostesses before they crossed the dateline? And who can identify his partner in crime, who spent the evening drooling over a scantily clad flower seller in an obscure Orlando disco . . . What hosting/ASP company streamed an internal memo from its CEO unprotected into the ether, announcing to the community its failure to hit sales targets, the problems with the air conditioning in its data centre and its plans to buy a new data centre in Melbourne . . . You know times are tough when a major distributor turns the beer off at its end of financial year party at 9pm. "Last year," one of its marketing types mused, "we invited a whole heap of people and only half of them turned up. This year we invited a few people and the whole industry turned up." No-one turns down free beer in a depressed economy . . . You know the dot-com world is truly dead when the best speaker Internet World could find to do the opening keynote this year is a porn star . . .

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