Network Solutions Briefs: Boeing, IBM, Linksys, Cisco, VoIP

Network Solutions Briefs: Boeing, IBM, Linksys, Cisco, VoIP

Boeing, IBM experiment with wireless

Boeing Satellite Systems and IBM claim to have created the world's most powerful satellite-based digital signal processor, designed to make space-borne wireless communications available to a wide audience of users. The digital signal processor provides the satellite with more computing power than 3000 Pentium III-based computers, enabling the spacecraft to handle up to tens of thousands of phone calls simultaneously, the companies claim.

Linksys soft-sells home networking

Singapore-based networking manufacturer Linksys has launched an interactive Web site www.linksys. to promote the benefits of home networking to channel partners and end users. In addition to products and general information, the site demonstrates how basic networks can be implemented throughout the home or office. The site covers simple 56Kb phone line networks and high-speed broadband for the home and office.

Cisco enhances VoIP products

Cisco Systems has enhanced its AS5000 gateway series with new architecture designed to allow the access servers to transmit voice, data, fax and wireless communications. Service providers use gateways to connect one network to another, such as connecting an internal LAN to the Internet. Rather than use one gateway for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), phone calls and another for Internet or other traffic, the Cisco architecture combines each function into a single device. Cisco's "Any Service Any Port", or ASAP, architecture uses a policy and accounting layer that maps applications to universal ports and vice versa, as well as providing key billing data, the vendor claims. ASAP was made possible by incremental advances in digital signal processing (DSP) chips, which have become faster and able to carry more memory.

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