KITBAG: What's new ... Removable storage tools for data-obsessed

KITBAG: What's new ... Removable storage tools for data-obsessed

Iomega Peerless

This new removable storage option from the company that brought us the Zip and Jaz drives is the Iomega Peerless. Sleek and fast, it has transfer rates up to 15MB per second. A selection of cartridge sizes are available, ranging from 10GB to 20GB. The drive supports both the Macintosh and PC - covering FireWire, USB and SCSI connections. Great for use as a removable hard disk, storage/archive device or whatever your needs dictate, the initial price of the cartridges may be a deciding factor in whether to purchase. The Iomega Peerless is due within the next few months. Iomega distributes through Agate, Techpac Australia, Ingram Micro and Computer Hardware

Sony Memory Stick

Sony Memory Sticks come in two flavours: the white MagicGate Memory Sticks, which use copyright protection technology to guard data, and the standard Memory Stick, a durable, digital storage medium which the vendor hopes will catch on in the consumer storage world. The Memory Stick optical mouse allows easy use of the media, avoiding the need for installation of a new drive. The 3.5-inch floppy disk coverter allows Memory Sticks to be read by any computer with a 3.5-inch floppy bay. In the coming months, Sony will introduce new "Duo" versions, slated to reach up to 1GB in

Castlewood 5.7GB ORB

Iomega's rival in removable storage has updated its popular ORB device, with the new model now boasting the ability to store 5.7GB on each cartridge. Initially an internal device in Australia, external models will be released at a later

Toshiba 2GB

storage PC Card

Containing a 1.8-inch hard disk drive (no larger than a standard Type II PC Card), Toshiba's 2GB storage solution is perfect for the road warrior who needs extra notebook hard drive space without the extra weight. Aimed also for future use with PDAs and digital products such as video cameras, the device is expected to ship at the end of the financial

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