Tech One bets each way on frameworks

Tech One bets each way on frameworks

ASX-listed software developer Technology One is attracting a number of quality contracts after creating development frameworks for both the Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .Net standards.

The application development market has been a two-horse rate of late, with many vendors fixed on the Java standard (IBM, BEA, Borland, Sun, Oracle) competing with the latest development technology from Microsoft.

Rather than put all its eggs in one basket, Brisbane's Technology One spent considerable resources in making sure its developers were proficient in both technologies. Technology One has announced its success in tenders for two government contracts using J2EE technology and is currently in the process of finalising an agreement for a large development based on the .Net platform.

One Java-based project is for the development of a highly secure Informant Management System for the NSW Police Service, the other an integrated customer service system for Queensland National Parks. The Microsoft .Net implementation cannot yet be discussed publicly.

Adrian Di Marco, Technology One's CEO, said customers are looking for higher value-add from software developers and his staff have subsequently created development frameworks for both J2EE and .Net implementations.

These development frameworks are software platforms combined with a set of standards and processes that better utilise J2EE and .Net tools to speed up implementation times. Developed internally at Technology One, the frameworks aid developers of new applications who want to make it easier to deploy certain features or want to ensure they are following the latest security procedures.

"We think this will become a lot more common in the market," said Di Marco. "Customers are looking to minimise their risk by partnering with a company that already has all the standards, procedures and methodologies set out," he said.

"Both Java and .Net are very exciting. They are two very strong and viable solutions and we feel our customers will benefit from being able to choose which best suits them."

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