ArrowPath lets integrators compare telcos

ArrowPath lets integrators compare telcos

It has made life easier in the insurance and mortgage industries, so why not IT? A new Brisbane operation is offering integrators a service that takes the time and hassle out of finding a suitable telecommunications carrier.

ArrowPath acts as a broker for the channel and end users, sorting through the multitude of telcos to find the best deal for data and Internet services. The company also recognises the trials and tribulations integrators face when designing wide-area networks for their clients.

"Integrators have a lot of contact with clients struggling with their existing carrier, or the bandwidth of the network," said ArrowPath director Ann Sherwood. Sherwood has used her UK experience in the deregulated electricity market to develop the service for the telecommunications industry in Australia.

"We don't design the networks but once integrators know what they want, they can use this service to find the best provider," she said. "It's an adjunct to their own service."

The company has commission arrangements with 11 carriers in Australia, so the service is free to integrators and their clients. ArrowPath analyses each of the carrier's offerings to determine which would best suit the needs of the organisation, whether it is 2MB Internet access or a multinational frame relay network.

The advantage to the carrier, according to Sherwood, is the introduction to new channels and a low-cost way to get its services to market.

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