FPDs star in slow February for monitors

FPDs star in slow February for monitors

There was nothing flat about sales of FPD (flat panel display) monitors in February, despite an otherwise sluggish third-party monitor market, according to the latest figures from Inform.

The channel research company revealed that unit sales were 12 per cent lower than January, and that year on year, all third-party monitor sales had sunk 17 per cent compared to February 2001.

"Although disappointing, the slow start to the year experienced so far is in line with our predictions, and we expect the third-party monitor market will begin a steady recovery in March," said Claire Taverner, Inform's chief monitor analyst.

This was in stark contrast to FPDs, which saw a massive 40 per cent increase in February over January. Seventeen-inch screens were popular among consumers, and accounted for 26 per cent of all FPDs sold during the month.

However, Inform attributes some of this growth to significant price reductions by resellers in order to win over end users to this technology. While the average price of CRTs (cathode ray tube monitors) increased by 9 per cent to $473, the average price of FPDs fell by 11 per cent from January 2002 to $1,364.

This brought the average price of FPDs back to December 2001 levels, suggesting that last month's LCD price rises may have only been a temporary response to the recent natural disasters in Korea, according to Inform officials.

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