New Photoshop patched up by Healing Brush

New Photoshop patched up by Healing Brush

Adobe Systems today announced the availability of Photoshop 7 for Mac OS X. Perhaps one of the most sought-after applications for Apple Computer's newest operating system, Photoshop was first unveiled on February 24, 2002.

While maintaining a familiar user interface for creative professionals, Adobe also added new features to the latest release of Photoshop. Among the most talked about features are the Healing Brush and the Patch Tool.

The Healing Brush is designed to clean up images by removing dust, scratches, blemishes and wrinkles often found in images. What's different about the Healing Brush is that it will automatically preserve shading, lighting, texture and other attributes when cloning within one image or from one image to another.

The Patch Tool allows even more precision by working with selections. You can use any of the basic selection tools, including channel operations, to first define your selection. Photoshop will then automatically heal the area defined by that selection while matching the lighting and shading of the sampled pixels to the source pixels.

But there's more to the new version of Photoshop than these two popular features. Adobe also added the File Browser, customised workspaces, Auto Color Command, and a completely re-done painting engine.

Photoshop 7.0 is now available in the US and Canada for an estimated street price of $US609. Registered users of earlier versions of Photoshop can upgrade to version 7.0 for $149.

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