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MessageLabs Helps Businesses Reduce Risk By Enabling Greater Control Over Email Content

  • 08 February, 2005 08:55

<p>MessageLabs, the leading provider of email security and management services to businesses, today announced it has enhanced its range of managed email control services with the launch of MessageLabs Content Control 2.0.</p>
<p>“MessageLabs Content Control goes the next step beyond spam and virus filtering – it is designed to help organisations identify and control confidential or inappropriate content sent or received by employees, such as offensive language, harassment or confidential company information,” said Jos White, president, MessageLabs Inc. “It is a way of helping preserve the confidentiality and security of data, reduce legal liability and ensure regulatory compliance.”</p>
<p>Applying a combination of technology and configurable usage rules, MessageLabs Content Control 2.0 incorporates textual scanning, lexical analysis and attachment controls. With these techniques, MessageLabs gives organisations the power to enforce their email security policies and enable electronic communications to be properly managed and controlled.</p>
<p>"The MessageLabs Content Control service has really helped Barnardo's to enforce our email security policy, protecting the company and our employees from the potential risks associated with the misuse of our corporate email," said Matthew Leiter, senior messaging specialist, Barnardo's.</p>
<p>"The reliability of the managed service has enabled our IT department to concentrate on their core task of supporting the organisation’s work with children and young people, rather than spending considerable time and effort maintaining our prior systems."</p>
<p>Now available to businesses globally, MessageLabs Content Control complements its Image Control service, which detects inappropriate images in attachments such as pornography and other unwanted images. Image Control goes beyond the flesh tone analysis of standard filters, using image composition analysis to provide more accurate detection of such images. When combined, these services form an effective control solution for organisations to apply and enforce acceptable usage policies for inbound and outbound email content.</p>
<p>“The very nature of email increases the risk for organisations. While email is a crucial tool for facilitating fast and effective communications, it is also open to misuse by members of staff sending non work-related emails. The problem is that this can reflect badly on employers without the user thinking about it,” said Matt Cain, senior vice president, META Group. “Businesses should not only rely on email security policies to keep them risk free – protection also requires the right tools in place that scan and detect potentially damaging or offensive content in email.”</p>
<p>Delivered at the Internet-level, this combined control service provides MessageLabs’ customers with a complete managed email control solution, without the hassle, inconvenience or additional cost of traditional software or hardware solutions. The combination forms a part of MessageLabs’ suite of managed email security and management services that ensure the integrity of electronic communications, helping businesses to manage and reduce risk while securing their critical infrastructure and business information.</p>
<p>Controlling email communications sent and received by employees is becoming increasingly more critical and challenging for businesses, particularly with laws mandating corporate responsibility for the security, privacy and reliability of data, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley. Failure to comply can result in investigations, fines and possibly civil or criminal charges, not to mention lost business and customer confidence.</p>
<p>According to the American Management Association, 27 per cent of Fortune 500 companies battled harassment cases in 2003 related to misuse and abuse of corporate emails. These cases create bad publicity and lawsuits for organisations, damaging their brand and reputation as well as placing the entire organisation at risk.</p>
<p>“Companies must take a more proactive approach to protecting their information and reputation. MessageLabs’ control services allow organisations to control email content, email senders and recipients and also define the types of attachments and images which are appropriate for business purposes,” continued Mr. White. “This helps preserve the confidentiality and security of data, reduce legal liability and ensure regulatory compliance.”</p>
<p>MessageLabs Content Control was awarded silver in the Content Filtering category of Information Security Magazine’s Product of the Year Awards in 2004. For more information, please visit:</p>
<p>About MessageLabs</p>
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