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Esker Australia Announces Successful Implementation of DeliveryWare 3.5 Across 3 Australian Sites

  • 18 March, 2004 15:25

<p>Esker Australia Announces Successful Implementation of DeliveryWare 3.5 Across 3 Australian Sites</p>
<p>Significant Customer Driven Improvements and Additional
Functionality Added to Latest Version</p>
<p>Sydney, 18 March 2004, Esker Software has released the latest version of its DeliveryWare Platform solution, which introduces significant improvements for existing sites as well as adding further SAP integration capabilities.</p>
<p>Esker’s DeliveryWare Platform helps businesses to improve process efficiencies by intelligently improving the flow of documents outside of the backend business systems (ERP, CRM, Legacy) with suppliers, customers and partners.</p>
<p>The latest version of DeliveryWare (version 3.5) is now available for the Australian market, directly from Esker. It already been successfully deployed at 3 of the 70 established Australian Sites with very positive feedback.</p>
<p>James Elkington, Managing Director of Esker Australia said of the latest version; “Like all software houses Esker strives to continually improve its solutions and it is vital that these improvements include suggestions and feedback from existing customers including our local Australian base. Dealing directly in Australia has allowed Esker to ensure these new features included in V3.5 are allied with the needs of our 70 existing Australian customers. This is not possible to do if customers are being supported through a 3rd party reseller or distributor.</p>
<p>By adding simple but effective archive and retrieval, vastly improving the document formatting capabilities and adding postal output to the existing Fax, E-Mail, SMS and B2B connectors, DeliveryWare can now replace multiple products from multiple vendors, reducing total cost of ownership and simplifying support and maintenance. Giving a single queue of all traffic regardless of its format or method of delivery has really given Esker the edge over other ‘Point Solutions’. “</p>
<p>Esker DeliveryWare Platform 3.5 has the following enhancements:</p>
<p>Archive and Retrieval
There is a market trend towards convergence of Document Output Management (DOM) and Integrated Document Archive and Retrieval (IDAR) systems. By the end of 2005, 75% of IDAR vendors will include DOM capabilities*. As DeliveryWare had previously been focussed on solving DOM problems, Esker has now added archiving and retrieval capabilities to DeliveryWare. Previous versions of DWP required third party archive and retrieval systems, DWP 3.5 fully supports archiving to offline media either by transport type - i.e. fax (Archive all jobs output by Fax Connector) or by document type - i.e. invoices. The new features negate the need for a third party archive and retrieval solution reducing cost and complexity of any business process improvement.</p>
<p>Enhanced SAP Integration
Much of the improvements to be found in version 3.5 lie within the deeper integration with SAP by the addition of a new DeliveryWare output connector for SAP. The new output connector provides support for SAP RDI (Raw Data Interface) as 80% of SAP** users want to add customised data to standard SAP RDI reports. The new DeliveryWare connector negates the need for programming in ABAP or SAPscripts.</p>
<p>Now DeliveryWare can be used as the document output management tool for SAP, which means that companies deploying the solution can use Crystal Reports to develop the forms rather than engaging costly SAP consultants or integrators to design the forms on their behalf.</p>
<p>This has already proved its worth with Esker’s own SAP roll out by reducing the form development time by TEN fold over using SAP Scripts or SmartForms and allowing Esker to be self sufficient in designing it’s own document formats instead of using resource intensive SAP Script consultants.</p>
<p>The RDI connector will also help to eliminate manual data feeds to external applications through the support of Outbound IDOC management, significantly easing Enterprise Application Integration outside of the ERP environment</p>
<p>Windows Server 2003 Support
The latest release of Esker DeliveryWare Platform fully supports Windows Server 2003. This prevents implementation delays and associated costs due to incompatibility as enterprises expect to be to evaluate applications within the latest operating environments.</p>
<p>Enhanced Print Management
The status of print jobs is now visible to Esker DeliveryWare, allowing more accurate queue management. For time critical documents, users can now see if the document has been printed and therefore delivered. This minimises the number of undelivered documents and subsequent effect it has on business processes such as cash flow and customer satisfaction.</p>
<p>There are many more features and benefits to be found in the latest version of Esker’s DeliveryWare Platform, for more information or a demonstration, please contact:</p>
<p>Neil Foster
Mango Communications
Tel: (02) 8260 2853

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