NOTES FORM THE FIELD: Peaceful coexistence

NOTES FORM THE FIELD: Peaceful coexistence

Isn't there some kind of a contraption we can get to bring Apache on the Harley?" Amber demanded. Seems she is starting to worry we might leave the pup behind more often come summertime. "I don't know, I kind of liked taking a break from the little rascal," I said, then noticed her furrowed brow.

Friends and enemies

Spies tell me that SAP is a bit perturbed with co-opetition pal Oracle because Oracle misrepresented some SAP benchmarking numbers. According to SAP's Web site, SAP's Benchmark Council Workgroup posted four violation notices. Firstly, the group said that last June Oracle referred to a nonexistent "Standard SAP SD Light Benchmark" on its Web site. Secondly, Oracle compared two SAP Standard Application Benchmark results without including appropriate publication details. Thirdly, Oracle left out necessary data for benchmark results in an ad campaign. Finally, the group said Oracle violated publication guidelines by using misleading benchmark data in three Oracle publications. Who knows what else those dang codernauts will uncover?

Movin' on up

In the wake of Enron's collapse, Schlumberger is gearing up to replace Enron as the primary provider of broadband services to the oil and gas industry with a new broadband-on-demand service. When that's in place, Schlumberger will extend the service to other industry sectors in competition with telecom providers and roll out a series of business continuity services that leverage its broadband capabilities.

Yahoo's spam saga goes on

Users who uncheck, in their Yahoo preferences, the boxes indicating that they like to receive spam - where Yahoo automatically made changes recently - might find their accounts deactivated, my spies say. One spy's note to was returned with a message saying his e-mail did not reach its desired destination due to an "SMTP communication problem with the recipient's e-mail server. Possible forgery or deactivated due to abuse." The message also suggested that my spy visit a URL apparently intended for spammers based on the title of the page: "As a bulk mailer, how can I ensure uninterrupted SMTP access and prioritised delivery?"

Speaking of prioritised delivery and spam, on a somewhat disheartening technology note, Amber and I stopped into a new, so-called Irish pub.

A bartender told us that Guinness is coming out with Guinness Quick Pour, for those folks who are in too big a hurry to wait for the perfect pint. What is this world coming to, anyway?

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