Short & Curlies

Short & Curlies

Which white-box assembler was recently closed down by a court order, only to set up shop literally next door with a very similar (but different) name and began trading within a week? The offender is laughing all the way to the bank as its books are so dodgy that there is no way the administrator can lay claim to the stock . . . No-one wants to talk yet as doctors work on the spin, but rest assured, a key component of the arrangements between one of Australia's largest distributors and one of its key components suppliers is over . . . Who are the two parties still deeply involved in an acrimonious legal dispute, despite the fact that what they are feuding over is long gone . . . How bad are things going for one small- to medium-sized distributor? Its sales manager only found out when he went to pay for lunch with an important client on corporate credit that the card had been cancelled. A bit embarrassing when you don't carry cash or any other means of payment . . . Which reseller earned a "Love God" reputation for himself on a recent Bali junket organised by a leading notebook vendor? His partner in crime exhibited far more restraint, but was quite happy to tell all during nightly sessions on the demon drink . . .

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