Product Feature: The finishing touch

Product Feature: The finishing touch

Have you ever learnt the definition of a word, only to find it used in every conversation, advertising campaign and trivial pursuit question for a week thereafter? It's a bit the same with the relationship between touch-screen monitors and retail. Chances are when you last ordered a burger and fries, you didn't notice the sophisticated system that helped serve that order up in less than 30 seconds.

But look around and you are likely to find that at help-desks, supermarkets, airports -- even the local watering hole -- touch-screen monitors have proliferated. No longer just part of a standalone kiosk, they provide a simple interface to some very innovative software applications and systems.So while touch-screens are fast becoming an integral part of the retail landscape, servicing the market requires a lot more than a simple installation. Georgina Swan investigates opportunities for the channel in this worldwide $US2 billion-plus market. Read this week's ARN (April 26), out now.

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