Short & Curlies

Short & Curlies

Who is the senior channel executive about to abandon his post due to continued tough times, with plans of his own to start a new business and be his own boss? . . . Which distributor has had to beg the bank for clearance of its staff's wages on three consecutive pay days, while increasingly and impatiently sweating on a particular cheque that has been "in the mail" from a prominent "reseller" much longer than it should have been? . . . While on the hiring of collection agencies, Tabloid has heard reports that one particular distributor of dubious reputation has been using standover men and enforcers to collect even small amounts from resellers that have let their accounts get a bit smelly or have tried to do a runner . . . Do you get a six-letter acronym company when a prominent three-letter vendor company buys a prominent three-letter services company as is rumoured to be happening later this year? Nah. There is not enough vowels in it . . . Distributor Ingram Micro Australia has appointed a new marketing and communications manager. Tanya Koens has been working in the UK for the last two years working at the IT marketing caper . . . Citrix has made a few new appointments including channels development managers Sean Walsh (who some would say has joined the Dark Side after leaving distie Express Data) and Tim Blumentals (who has taken a promotion to get away from Melbourne and become a Swans fan) . . .

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