Short & Curlies

Short & Curlies

Media land is set to be hit with price rises, according to Tabloid's Taiwanese court reporter, as one of the major CD-R manufacturers in Taiwan is tied up in an ongoing battle over royalities . . . The upshot of all this kerfuffle will see the manufacturer paying royalities to a certain vendor that sounds like a right Royal and the costs will be spread across its CD-R range . . . This will result as flow-on into the channel in the form of price hikes on several well-known (and not so well known) CD-R brands. . . While you wouldn't blink twice if the PR people at Scala chose to send a case study on a distributor to ARN, what possessed them to send a case study about a market-leading Latvian wholesale and retail distributor of car spare parts is another thing. . . We would like to recommend the good people at Scala to forward all future press releases to our sister publication, Latvian Reseller News . . . We loved the fact that the Data#3 dude who brokered the massive Symantec enterprise antivirus deal for 1305 schools and 92,000 desktops managed by Education Queensland was named Brad Colledge . . .

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