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META Group Expects Teamware Market to Grow Rapidly Over Next Few Years

  • 29 October, 2003 13:55

<p>META Group Expects Teamware Market to Grow Rapidly Over Next Few Years
New Teamware Tools Evaluation Report Released Today</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia. (October 29, 2003) — META Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: METG) today announced the availability of its newest Vendor &amp; Technology Evaluation report, covering the teamware tool market. Teamware is a collection of collaboration and document management tools that enable colleagues to centralise and share many aspects of projects and processes, such as task management, calendars, threaded discussions, and document creation. This creates business efficiencies by replacing largely ad hoc methods of project execution, typically characterised by an uncoordinated mélange of e-mail, attachments, faxes, voice mail, and shared network drives. In addition, teamware tools enable enforcement of corporate guidelines and best-practice execution via the capability to customise teamspaces with templates, workflow, and data import/export facilities.
“The $150 million teamware market has been developing slowly for the last five years, but we believe it is poised for rapid growth during the next few,” said Matt Cain, senior vice president with META Group’s Technology Research Services, and lead author of the report.
“Many organisations are now realising that workgroups — both internal and external — can be made far more efficient by enabling participants to work together in a common repository that allows them to manage documents, schedule and track tasks and meetings, and communicate in real time — via chat — and asynchronously via threaded discussion databases.”
This common workspace creates greater efficiencies versus the traditional hodgepodge of e-mails, phone calls, file transfers, and uncoordinated scheduling, task management, and content authoring. The teamware market had been the province of many small players, but it has fast become dominated by much larger players such as IBM, Microsoft, and Documentum (via its acquisition of eRoom).</p>
<p>Key Findings and Guidance
The Teamware Tools report evaluates six vendors in this market, and reflects a market transitioning to maturity and possible extinction. This market will consolidate to a handful of large suppliers that can bring to bear ready access to capital, broad distribution channels, and deep international support, while attracting a healthy cottage industry of developers and system integrators. The analysis found:
• With the exception of Groove, there were no overwhelmingly significant functional differences among the vendors.
• IBM and Microsoft, which had once been laggards in this market, are becoming far more competitive.
• Ultimately, the teamware market will explode by being contextually embedded in enterprise applications (e.g., PeopleSoft, SAP), operating systems (e.g., Windows 2003), document/content management (e.g., Documentum), and portals (e.g., IBM WebSphere).
• We expect the standalone teamware market to wither — leading to a paradoxical situation in which the market explodes from a usage standpoint, but contracts as an independent market.</p>
<p>About the Report
Providing comprehensive, side-by-side vendor comparisons and research, META Group’s Teamware Tools report helps users evaluate the overall performance of IT vendors and their competitive market position as well as compare and contrast the strengths and limitations of each vendor’s product offerings. The evaluation is based on META Group’s METAspectrum methodology, which provides a framework for evaluating or selecting an appropriate IT vendor or product, simplifies the decision process, and enables more effective technology investments. To learn more about META Group Vendor &amp; Technology
Evaluation reports or the METAspectrum methodology, visit or call (02) 9290 8688</p>
<p>About META Group
META Group is a leading provider of information technology research, advisory services, and strategic consulting. Delivering objective and actionable guidance, META Group’s experienced analysts and consultants are trusted advisors to IT and business executives around the world. Our unique collaborative models and dedicated customer service help clients be more efficient, effective, and timely in their use of IT to achieve their business goals. Visit for more details on our high-value approach.</p>
Kirsten Davey
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<p>Peter Carr, General Manager
META Group

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