Product feature: Dealing with insecurity

Product feature: Dealing with insecurity

Navigating your company through the uncharted waters of IT security legislation is an onerous task. Security technology is constantly evolving and consequently the laws that regulate the parties involved are continually in flux. Furthermore, as the industry is still in its infancy, there are few precedents that can be used as a guide to ensure security specialists have absolved themselves of the threat of liability if the security solution should happen to fail.

It is a nerve-racking space to work in and yet it is a space in which almost all companies, particularly online organisations, cannot avoid. Perhaps the players that find this legal quagmire the most daunting are those who are charged with the responsibility of educating others about the limitations and effective implementation of security technology.

Helen Yeatman, investigates the do's and don'ts of education and litigation in the security field in this week's ARN (May 1), out now.

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