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Consumer Stars Align For Vista Launch

  • 21 May, 2007 15:09

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, May 21st, 2007 – IDC has released its latest preliminary results for the Australian PC market (excluding x86 servers), with analysis displaying particularly healthy demand during 1Q 2007. PC Shipments for the first quarter of 2007 expanded 8.6% sequentially and 11.4% when compared ith the same quarter in the previous year. The market continues to transition to the portable form factor as notebook shipments bolted from the gate in 1Q 07, growing 16.1% sequentially and 32.3% year on year.</p>
<p>Analysis from IDC cities the following drivers that shaped the market:</p>
<p>Vista Creates Promotions Galore - During the quarter Microsoft launched its new Operating system 'Vista' to the general market, backed by a substantial amount of marketing from both the company itself, as well as numerous channel players. However, it was not just the OS bringing people in the door as new models coincided with the release, and clearance offers of XP stock, helped to generate demand for PC's in general.</p>
<p>"The level of promotional activity during 1Q 07 helped to maintain demand throughout the quarter, particularly in the consumer space. While demand for consumer PC's typically fades as the quarter progresses many vendors found a buoyant January being followed by a robust February and March," said Liam Gunson IDCs senior Hardware Analyst.</p>
<p>Consumers Continue to Dig Deep - While promotional activity was rampant during Q1 07 it was also aided by the fact that it targeted a consumer market that waited with open arms. Underpinned by low unemployment, consumer demand continues to help drive the overall PC market in Australia, particularly the migration to the portable form factor. Despite a continued trend of notebooks positioned for the consumer market leaking into the commercial space, consumer notebooks displayed the strongest growth in the market expanding 20.0% over the previous quarter and 34.8% year on year.</p>
<p>Notebooks Continue to Push for Dominance - The portable form factor continued to drive the market in 1Q 07 providing all the growth year on year, as desktop shipments contracted 1.5%. Already the popular choice in the consumer space notebooks continue to garner attention in the commercial markets - increasing their share of the combined desktop and notebook space to 45.4% in 1Q 07 over the 42.5% share held in 4Q 06.</p>
<p>"While desktops maintain a strong foothold in many parts of the commercial space, further developments in mobility &amp; connectivity, cost, and security will continue to seed further demand for notebooks in this area," added Mr Gunson.</p>
<p>The top seven rankings remained unchanged in 1Q07, despite there being some notable shifts in market share. HP strengthened its position at number 1 with a strong performance in the consumer space helping the vendor to increase its market share 1.8% and widen the gap between second place Dell.</p>
<p>Sitting in 5th position, Lenovo produced a relatively robust quarter with shipments into the education sector boosting the vendors market share from 6.6% in 4Q06 to 6.9% in 1Q07. Asus was another notable player in the market, increasing its presence in the channel while riding the wave of demand for notebooks in the consumer and small business markets, the vendor was able to increase its market share from 2.3% 4Q 06 to 3.7% in 1Q 07.</p>
<p>Prelim Australia Top 7 Total PC Vendor Market Share</p>
<p>Overall Share:
HP 20.5%
Dell 15.4%
Acer 11.8%
Toshiba 8.6%
Lenovo 6.9%
Apple 5.0%
Asus 3.7%
Others 28.1%
Total 100.0%</p>
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