Accreditation is pure Logic

Accreditation is pure Logic

In a boost for regional resellers, Pure Logic Computer and Technology Centre, located in the NSW town of Orange, has met the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9002:1004, opening up opportunities in the government and corporate sector.

The ISO9002 Quality Accreditation is an internationally recognised certificate provided by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS International) to companies that meet a series of procedural requirements ensuring quality of service.

Pure Logic managing director Val Myott said she drew on her previous experience at Gateway Computers and Australian IT giant Osborne in implementing the procedures, and fulfilling the requirements for the accreditation.

"The accreditation process involves a series of external audits, which continue after the accreditation has been awarded," Myott said. "The whole process is quite intensive, however it gives us entry into new business areas."

According to Myott, the costs involved in the accreditation process have already been covered by new business the accreditation has attracted.

"In terms of round figures the whole process cost roughly five or six thousand dollars, but the faith people put into this certification was immediately reflected in an increase in sales," Myott said. "The accreditation process itself also assists in the day-to-day operations of the business, because it forces you to put in place a series of management procedures which streamline your operations."

While she concedes her previous experience with large corporate resellers has assisted her in fulfilling the requirements, Myott insists that Pure Logic's success can be repeated throughout the IT channel.

"Of the 800,000 businesses in Australia, only 15,000 are accredited," Myott said. "Quality assurance accreditation is a necessary step when you are looking to expand your business into government and corporate markets, because it focuses on the quality management procedures you have in place internally."

Furthermore, Myott believes the accreditation is a fitting tribute to the channel opportunities that exist in regional Australia.

"A lot of people in the cities think that life stops once you cross the Blue Mountains," Myott said. "Regional areas are just loaded with opportunities in the IT area."

Myott points out that many of the large corporates, and government departments have regional as well as urban locations, which need to be serviced by professional organisations.

"The demand for IT skills and services in regional areas continues to outweigh supply," Myott said. "There are plenty of opportunities for professional IT operations."

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