Magnetic stripe card reader for the iPAQ

Magnetic stripe card reader for the iPAQ

Semtek Innovative Solutions recently launched its iSwipe, a magnetic stripe card reader for Compaq iPAQ handhelds. With the iSwipe, an iPAQ connected with a wireless modem can become a mobile credit-card-processing terminal.

According to Semtek, a waiter in a restaurant can accept payment at the table instead of having to return to a central location. In a retail setting, payments can be made while customers wait in line.

The iSwipe clips on to the bottom of the iPAQ, allowing for the expansion slots (such as a wireless modem) to be used. Additionally, it uses minimal power from the host iPAQ, as it remains in a "sleep" mode when not in use. When a card is swiped through the reader, data on the card is decoded and transferred to the handheld's database. Semtek says it has partnerships with third-party credit-card-processing services.

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