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Luna Park is All Smiles about BigAir’s wireless technology

  • 15 February, 2005 16:00

<p>The operators of Sydney’s favourite fun fair, Luna Park Sydney, are wearing grins as wide as their iconic entranceway after deciding to embrace the Internet’s most innovative technology – high speed wireless broadband from BigAir Australia.</p>
<p>Luna Park Sydney’s employees can log onto the Internet from anywhere in the complex, enjoying super fast connection speeds and ultrahigh reliability.</p>
<p>“As well as offering the general public all the fun of a 1930’s amusement park, the newly renovated entertainment precinct also offers one of Sydney’s very best corporate function centres. Our corporate clients have told us they have been very impressed with the Internet access which is provided by BigAir,” Luna Park Sydney’s Managing Director, Peter Hearne, said.</p>
<p>At corporate functions, presenters can access the Net without any fear of the signal dropping out and during the breaks participants can very quickly log on and check their emails etc.</p>
<p>“We were still very much a construction site when BigAir installed their equipment last year but because the system is wireless there were no trenches to be dug or cables to be installed. We did not want to run the risk of being cut off from the Internet by the heavy construction equipment that was in use all over the site. On top of that, the service was up and running in around 48 hours, which fit perfectly with our time constraints,” Peter said.</p>
<p>Approximately 50 computers and servers are connected to Luna Park Sydney’s broadband service and Argentinean performance troupe De La Guarda recently made use of the connection when holding their show in Luna Park Sydney’s brand new entertainment venue, the Big Top. The service quality has been carrier-grade since its installation almost a year ago.</p>
<p>“We are very pleased with the reaction we are getting from everyone at Luna Park Sydney,” said BigAir’s Managing Director, Jason Ashton.</p>
<p>“The wireless system offers speeds of up to 10Mbps (in both directions) and with carrier-grade reliability (&gt;99.99% uptime) and it’s coping extremely well. As the Park’s bandwidth needs grow and as their business grows, we can upgrade their service in real time, and if there’s any more major construction work, we can easily move the connection to a new location.”</p>
<p>BigAir has engineered, built and now operates its own independent broadband network using carrier-grade high-speed wireless equipment for the last mile. This enables BigAir to offer a unique broadband service to both consumers and businesses, with complete control over speed, service and price.</p>
<p>“We also offer better access,” Jason said. “Being wireless BigAir can go in and supply fast, cost effective and reliable broadband service within 24 hours.”</p>
<p>Since launching last year BigAir has been rapidly expanding its network across Sydney, offering "enterprise grade" (&gt;99.99% availability) wireless broadband services to small and medium sized businesses with scaleable speeds from 1Mbps to 10Mbps or higher if required.</p>
<p>About BigAir
BigAir is a licensed telecommunications carrier that has rolled out its broadband services across Sydney using state of the art wireless equipment. BigAir is delivering "fibre-like" broadband Internet services at speeds of up to 100Mbps to businesses and residents in high-rise apartment buildings. The wireless services offer business-grade reliability and performance but without the large setup costs associated with landline services and can be installed in as little as a few hours. For more information, please visit</p>
<p>About Luna Park Sydney
Luna Park is Sydney’s premier meeting and function location offering truly spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the CBD. The Crystal Palace is a majestic and highly flexible venue boasting panoramic waterfront views. The Big Top is a breathtaking multi-purpose arena with 2 foyers and an internal mezzanine level. Conveniently located, Luna Park Sydney’s multi-level underground car park complements the train, bus and ferry services that arrive right at its doorstep. What better atmosphere for your next event than the backdrop of smiling faces, street performers, classic rides, cafes, restaurants and international performances that combine to create a Luna Park Sydney experience!</p>

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