FalconStor updates virtualisation software

FalconStor updates virtualisation software

Storage startup FalconStor Software announced enhancements to its virtualisation software that it says improve the retrieval and accessibility of mission-critical data.

Unveiled at Networld+Interop Las Vegas 2002 this week, IPStor Version 3 is software that combines data for different storage devices into a common pool so that it can be managed, manipulated and shared.

Version 3 provides a variety of new features including:

An option that migrates and converts data between devices without the attendant downtime and extra disk space normally required.

Continuous snapshot backup capability that lets administrators stage backups to tape without disrupting the primary data.

Multi-pathing support for Linux, AIX and HP-UX, which increases the fault-tolerance of the system and rules-based capacity management for AIX and HP-UX.

Version 3 includes what FalconStor calls a "service enabler option", which lets the IPStor Server manage data copying and helps speed the backup process by transferring data directly from disk to tape. It works with Lotus Notes, SQL2000, IBM DB2 and Sybase databases.

It also includes two capabilities called TimeMark and TimeView, which let administrators create several on-the-fly backups of active drives. TimeMark can be fully automated and files retrieved quickly or the disk is rolled back to a previous snapshot backup.

The software also lets administrators group drives together into a pool so they can be replicated or TimeMarked.

Further, the company rolled out the DynaPath Agent for Linux, HP-UX and AIX. DynaPath Agent creates dual paths to the storage area network so applications can be rerouted without interruption should one path become congested.

TimeMark, which includes TimeView, starts at $US20,000. The SnapShot Group starts at $10,000.

FalconStor is distributed in Australia by Servex Storage Systems.

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