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New Easy-To-Implement TM1 Module Manages Planning Tasks in TM1 and Microsoft Excel

  • 17 May, 2004 09:39

<p>TM1 Planning Manager, First in Series of Application Modules, Automates Tracking and Management</p>
<p>SYDNEY—17 MAY, 2004—Applix, Inc., a global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM) software solutions, today announced TM1 Planning Manager. The new planning module, running on the TM1 platform, manages a company’s planning process, including tasks and review structures, either directly in Microsoft Excel or over the Web.</p>
<p>This component provides an organisation with a view of the status of its entire planning process, streamlining the work and reducing errors typically encountered with dozens of loosely connected spreadsheets. For financial and other functional business teams, TM1 Planning Manager is the first of a number of Applix TM1-based applications that can be added incrementally and easily, with little IT involvement required. TM1 Planning Manager works with Applix’s award-winning TM1 BI engine for business decisions based on historical and up-to-date business information, facilitating strategic decision-making.</p>
<p>TM1 Planning Manager brings the following new features to TM1-based solutions:
• Automatic control to the planning process;
• Email alerts for task status changes;
• A simple layer on top of customers' existing planning applications;
• Planning templates for developing different budgets;
• Out-of-the-box reports on plan status; and
• Role-based security.</p>
<p>These core features offer end users an unprecedented combination of control, cell-level and role-based security, and automation of tasks and alerts for financial analysts and planners, line-of-business managers and executives. Additionally, TM1 Planning Manager automatically audits all changes to data, which assists with compliance of laws and regulations that demand audit trails—such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II.</p>
<p>“Business performance management is a key driver in today's economy,” said John Van Decker, vice president, Technology Research Services, META Group. “As companies address lagging financial management processes and compliance activities, they should consider BPM solutions to improve financial visibility. The ability to audit changes to financial information is a vital aspect of managing compliance.”</p>
<p>Recent studies show that companies do not necessarily want to purchase a separate compliance solutions, and that compliance should be viewed as a benefit of a performance management solution such as a planning application. As such, it is not always strategic for a company to invest in a new, standalone tool just for compliance.[1] Therefore, Applix has built TM1 Planning Manager to work with its TM1 engine for strategic business performance management and sophisticated planning and analysis.</p>
<p>Support within Excel</p>
<p>“Microsoft Excel is the tool of choice for managing numerical information – be it financial, operational or transactional,” said Tim Wright, vice president, Asia Pacific, Applix. “Rather than asking users to change the way they work with information, we’ve developed modules to enhance Excel for business intelligence and business performance management applications. Whether end users gather information from General Ledger systems or from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the data in TM1 Planning Manager – and relevant compliance and submission tasks – are managed directly from Microsoft Excel. This approach makes the most sense for businesses looking for rapid returns on their investments with minimal deployment costs.”</p>
<p>Web-based Information for Global Planning</p>
<p>Instead of emailing complex spreadsheets and workbooks, customers can use the Web for collaborating on and working with real-time data from any number of sources. This collaboration is enabled through Applix TM1 Web, the only available product for creating read/write Excel spreadsheets over the Web. This further extends the flexibility and functionality demanded of today's financial and operational executives.</p>
<p>TM1 Planning Manager will be available in early June 2004, directly through Applix or any of its authorized solution partners. For a complete list of TM1 solution partners by vertical and geographical specialisation, please visit:</p>
<p>About Applix TM1</p>
<p>Applix TM1 is a proven, multidimensional analytics platform for powering strategic analysis of financial, transactional, operational and other business data. Solutions built on TM1 enable customers to continuously manage and monitor the performance of their financial, operational functions, with views of past performance, the current state of the business, and opportunities for the future. Customers rely on TM1 for its tight integration with Excel, easily configured applications, real-time, what-if analytics, and low total cost of ownership. TM1 scored the highest rating in goal achievement and performance in Nigel Pendse's OLAP 3 Survey[2] (</p>
<p>About Applix TM1 Web</p>
<p>TM1 Web, introduced in September 2003, uses Applix's BIshareTM technology. It is the first application from a major BI vendor that allows users to quickly and easily create real-time Web-based worksheets or ‘Websheets’ directly from within Microsoft Excel, allowing users to share enterprise data and facilitating forecasting, planning and budgeting through ‘what-if’ analyses.</p>
<p>About Applix</p>
<p>Applix (NASDAQ: APLX) is a global provider of Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management solutions. These solutions, based upon the TM1 planning platform, enable the continuous management and monitoring of performance across the financial, operational, customer and organisational functions within the enterprise. More than 1,700 customers worldwide use Applix’s adaptable, scalable and real-time solutions, delivered by Applix and by a global network of partners, to manage their business performance and respond to the marketplace in real-time. Headquartered in Westborough, MA, Applix maintains offices in four countries in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. For more information about Applix, please visit</p>
<p>[1] BPM Partners, “BPM Pulse” dashboard, October 2003</p>
<p>[2] TM1 was named the best performing analytics engine in The OLAP Survey 3, November, 2003, p. 226-7. The OLAP Survey 3, the largest and most detailed survey of OLAP products to date, is a quantifiable survey of the $3.5 billion OLAP market. The Survey, conducted by Nigel Pendse and, analyzed data from 1047 OLAP sites in 48 countries. (</p>
<p>©2004 Applix, Inc. All rights reserved. Applix and TM1 are registered trademarks of Applix, Inc. All other trademarks and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.</p>
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