News briefs: IP, Lan 1, Proj management

News briefs: IP, Lan 1, Proj management

I think therefore IP

A services company with a focus on business processes and outsourcing has begun taking intellectual property (IP) developed in Australia to its overseas clients. Since setting up an operation in Australia 18 months ago, the IQ Business Group has garnered extensive knowledge in the financial services and superannuation vertical markets. It has also forged international partnerships with Australian technology providers KAZ Computers and Infocomp. IQ has two multimillion-dollar projects underway in Europe and the US that use Australian IP and staff. The company is cashed up and on the acquisition trail after raising $A60 million in private capital in South Africa.

Lan 1's new appointment

Specialist networking and storage distributor Lan 1 will join ACA Pacific and Optistor as a Quantum ATL distributor. According to a statement issued by Quantum ATL, Lan 1 was chosen for its history with OTG Software and its storage experience with Snap Appliances, whose products are manufactured by Quantum, Snap's parent company. Quantum ATL will use Lan 1 to meet the demand for its M1500 libraries that use SuperDLT drives. Lan 1 is looking at the possibility of bundling the M1500 with a Snap 12000 file sharer. Quantum has just released a Snap 12000 lower cost 1TB filer, which is sold by both ACA Pacific and Lan 1.

IT project management on the up

Project management is no longer solely the domain of the building and construction industry, as the skills and profession begin to excel in IT environments. However, according to the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), while the profession is flourishing in industries such as IT, it is construction and engineering that still offer the majority of employment opportunities. AIPM also found that a project manager in the IT sector is one of the highest-paying technical positions in the industry, with an average salary of $107,727 or $80 an hour.

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