Fun and games at One.Tel

Fun and games at One.Tel

Oh the irony. One Tel's marketing directors will be wondering why they bothered with a Web strategy, because as soon as the company collapsed its site experienced a 90 per cent increase in traffic. Statistics from Internet traffic counters Hitwise, suggest the URL became more popular than those of Primus or Vodaphone following the collapse. Hitwise's Click Stream data also suggested 2.2 per cent of traffic departing the One.Tel site went to Telstra's site (www.telstra. com) and another 2.2 per cent to Optus ( Primus ( received 0.4 per cent of departing traffic and Vodaphone ( au) received 0.1 per cent. Looks like disgruntled One.Tel customers are going to the big boys this time.

While on One.Tel, have you tried playing "Save the One Tel employees" online game? In this challenge, you are a rival telco trying to salvage staff from the One.Tel building, under enemy fire from disgruntled company directors. Try it for yourself at:

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