A who's who of Aussie ICT

A who's who of Aussie ICT

The spotlight this week falls on Mercury Solutions Centre, MySpider, APT Business Solutions, GlobeCharge, Caign Group, and CoreEarth

MERCURY SOLUTIONS CENTRE offers business and technology services and software solutions that are designed to increase the quality and efficiency of sales and service delivery. The services are designed to support the complete lifecycle of a business improvement program, and services are customised to suit specific needs.

MYSPIDER is a job search engine that currently aggregates job content from job sites around Australia. MySpider offers a free service that lets jobseekers search job vacancies across all industries, which are showcased in one convenient place online. The service offers businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services to a growing consumer audience online.

APT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS delivers IT systems as diverse as advanced, distributed, and Web-based applications; enterprise data management systems; and analysis and reporting services. APT'S client list spans both the public and private sectors.

GLOBECHARGE is a multi-service order-processing portal that enables online traders to authorise, track, and accept customer orders and electronic payments quickly and securely. Its services range from multiple currency transactions and credit card purchases, through to reseller tracking, obtaining order statistics, and co-ordinating product releases.

CAIGN GROUP provides Web-based content management systems and integrated Web application development services, with special expertise in multiple-Web site implementations. Caign solves problems for government agencies, corporations, small businesses, and the education sector in a practical and creative way.

COREARTH provides operational management solutions that offer comprehensive answers to the problems that government and enterprises face daily. The company's solutions are targeted at the environment, assets, responsibility, technology, and health markets, and are designed to help organisations manage their risks, and to meet their compliance and environment responsibilities. CorEarth has offices in the US, UK, and Hong Kong.

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