NetStar becomes an MSP

NetStar becomes an MSP

Networking services company NetStar has undergone a reinvention in the last six months, culminating in the launch of a new MSP division called StarServices.

NetStar marketing manager Oliver Descoeudres said the network management business the company established three years ago has been evolving into an MSP business. The division will now offer a pay by the month selective outsourcing service to its customers which will include the supply of networking equipment, support, carrier services and maintenance.

Each customer will be able to select which network processes it wants to outsource and sign service level agreements according to their expectations. Australian customers will be serviced by a 24-hour monitoring centre located in Sydney, from where any network issues will be identified and rectified by NetStar staff.

NetStar will also source bandwidth from carriers and renegotiate prices on behalf of its customers on an annual basis.

Descoeudres said many medium-sized businesses are sceptical of whole-of-IT outsourcing contracts and are now looking to partner with organisations that offer managed services around a specific area of skill or technology.

The company will use Australia as a trial run for the MSP model before rolling out into the Asia Pacific region. "Realistically, we expect that over half of our business will come from this division in the next two to three years," Descoeudres said. "There will still be some customers that don't like the outsourcing model, so we will also continue to offer our services on a project-managed, once-off level too."

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