Network Solutions Briefs: IP telephony, Net use, ISS, Network Ice

Network Solutions Briefs: IP telephony, Net use, ISS, Network Ice

N+I: IP telephony takes the centre stageAs network equipment buyers and vendors gathered last week at the Networld+Interop (N+I) conference, both camps had a special type of convergence on their minds: sending voice and data as IP packets over a single network.

Networking juggernauts Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks targeted corporate users, while competitor 3Com bagged small and mid-size operations with its offerings.

Cisco couldn't wait for N+I to release new product information and announced a system that would put a subset of its Call Manager software on its routers or switches at branch offices, eliminating the need for a Call Manager server at each site.

Nortel couldn't resist taking a shot at the competition saying that Cisco's "new" voice-over-IP features, such as unified messaging, are already built into Nortel's existing IP telephone system.

Australia third in Net use

More than half of all Australian homes have at least one computer, while one third of all homes have Internet access, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The growth in both computer and Internet access accelerated in 2000, making Australia the third highest per capita user of the Internet behind Sweden and the US.

The ABS said that the number of homes with Internet access jumped by 793,000 or 52 per cent in 2000, compared with 454,000 (42 per cent) the previous year.

The ABS said 53 per cent of all households now have a computer, while 33 per cent of all homes are hooked up to the Internet.

Home Internet use in 2000 was most popular for e-mail or chat rooms (68 per cent), general browsing (57 per cent) and finding work-related information (36 per cent). Only 26 per cent used the Internet to find information on goods and services.

ISS to buy Network Ice

Internet Security Systems (ISS) has revealed it intends to buy Network Ice for approximately $US195 million worth of stock. With the acquisition, which will take a few months to complete, ISS will gain a foothold in desktop-based intrusion detection with Network Ice's BlackIce Defender. ISS will also gain BlackIce Gigabit Sentry, a higher-speed intrusion-detection product than its own. ISS acknowledged there is substantial product overlap with Network Ice, and said it plans to have a concrete product and systems management development plan after the merger.

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