How big is very big?

How big is very big?

So Hewlett-Packard wants to form a $US87 billion entity by paying $US25 billion for rival Compaq? That's a lot of shekels (103 billion of them to be exact). At Tabloid we struggled to get our heads around just how big a number $US25 billion is, so we did some sums to put some scale on it and see what else it will buy you.

Based on an exchange rate of $US0.54 per Aussie dollar, $US25 billlion is equal to $48.07 billion. The money could have been spelt elsewhere on:

-17,806,267,692 beers at Norths Rugby Club (our favourite drinking hole).

-Paying off the Australian national trading deficit five times.

-31 Russian aircraft carriers.

-440 FA/18 Hornet fighter jets.

-25 jumbo jets.

-over 15 billion Big Macs.

-117,500 new Commodores.

-3,518 Sydney Harbour Bridges (based on 1932 prices).

-Over half the gross domestic product of New Zealand.

And according to one of our Tabloid spies, $US25 billion would provide you with $US913,000 every day for your entire life, if you lived to 75. That's $US38,000 per hour, $US634 per minute or $US10 per second.

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