FirmwareDesign launches new division

FirmwareDesign launches new division

Web tools and systems distributor FirmwareDesign has announced its intention to launch a new division, targeting systems integrators and corporate resellers, to be called Compatibility Systems.

The announcement comes on the back of a new volume pricing structure from vendor partner Connectix for its newest version of Virtual PC for Windows. The software allows users to easily run guest operating systems on their PC by emulating the system hardware. Virtual PC will become the flagship product of FirmwareDesign's new division.

Traditionally known for distributing tools for Web developers, the company recognises that systems integrators are increasingly playing a role in this field.

"We are making a big push on systems integrators who are rolling out new operating systems and striking these practical problems," said FirmwareDesign managing director Marius Coomans. "As the Internet matures, systems integrators are becoming more involved in contact applications.

"We have established relationships with a number of resellers but it is important that we single out systems integrators. Apart from making margin, is it also about productivity improvement, because it will save development time."

The push also comes as Connectix launches an advertising campaign to target IT managers. The new pricing structure scales from 10 to more than 2,000 users.

Coomans said Virtual PC would help alleviate the challenge of trying to maintain standard operating environments. "Managing lifecycles of a range of new equipment is a headache. It's not just the different versions of standard applications -- it's the specialist applications."

FirmwareDesign is also targeting corporate resellers.

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