Fujitsu nationalises environmental practice

Fujitsu nationalises environmental practice

Key focal points include managing infrastructure and energy use, disposing obsolete equipment and green IT procurement

Fujitsu's consulting arm has expanded its Environmental Sustainability practice nationally.

The practice was established late last year and provides customers with specific offerings around enterprise sustainability and green IT. It is headed by CEO, Rod Vawdrey, and principal consultant, Alison O'Flynn. The practice has 15 staff.

"One of the reasons we set up the practice was because we believed we had a responsibility as a company with our impact on the environment. We also think we can help our customers by virtue of providing services and solutions," O'Flynn said.

The enterprise sustainability offering will help organisations develop a green business case and ensures they can measure the benefits as well as monitor and deliver greener outcomes. It will also provide them with the ability to respond to changes in the market and keep in line with new government regulations, O'Flynn said.

The Green IT offering includes an assessment of the organisation's IT infrastructure, behaviours, assets and then looks at what can be done to reduce the impact on the environment. Other factors taken into account include consolidating infrastructure and using techniques around virtualisation.

O'Flynn said there were four strategic areas Fujitsu was focused on: Cleaning up operations including getting rid of obsolete equipment and ensuring it's disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner; managing infrastructure and reduction strategies; managing energy use with a focus on what power shutdown policies are in place; and energy sources provided to the operation and procurement.

"We work with clients to develop and implement their strategy as well as making sure they have the tools and techniques to achieve the outcomes," O'Flynn said.

To date the practice has worked with large corporations and non-profit organisations.

"Our methodology and approach is adaptable to any type of industry organisation," she said.

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