Enterprise Solutions Briefs: IBM, CI Technologies, Navision

Enterprise Solutions Briefs: IBM, CI Technologies, Navision

IBM's magic dust ups disk space

IBM is developing a technology that it says will quadruple the capacity of a disk drive and dramatically increase the amount of data that can be stored on disk. The company is adding a new type of magnetic coating, called ruthenium, to its current disk drives. The ruthenium is layered between the two magnetic layers of the disk platter. IBM refers to ruthenium as "pixie dust," but it is also known as antiferromagnetically coupled (AFC) media. The technology can be implemented without redesigning current disk drive plants and, by 2003, each disk drive made with AFC technology will be able to store 100Gb per square inch, IBM claims. The technology is most likely to be used first in notebook hard disks, eventually moving across all IBM product lines. The company says it will be sharing the technology with other vendors.

CI Technologies on the road to recovery

ASX-listed Software integration and services firm CI Technologies declared itself on the road to recovery last week, after a beleaguered year of declining revenues and profit warnings. The company chairman, David Mortimer, told shareholders that while sales revenue for the year was down 17.9 per cent to $40,267,000 on the previous year, things had stabilised and costs were well under control. Profit after tax was also down to $5 million compared with $10 million for the previous year. The company also announced the appointment of former BMC Software director Wayne Morris to replace exiting chief executive Gary Gilmour.

Navision launches its brands for the futureEnterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor Navision has announced its intention to launch a worldwide branding strategy in a bid to increase the company's mind share in the market. It is the first mass initiative since Danish rivals Navision Software and Damgaard merged six months ago. Navision is already regarded by most analysts as the largest mid-tier ERP vendor, but company officials aren't satisfied. "Say there are 10 companies making (software purchasing) decisions; if we got involved in all 10, we would win all 10. The problem is we are only involved in three of them," said Navision's executive vice president of worldwide operations, Rene Stockner. Navision stated it will realise 140 million Kroner ($31 million) in savings from the merger this calendar year, while increasing its overall marketing spend to more than 20 per cent of its annual revenues.

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