In the mail this week

In the mail this week

This Tabloid journalist likes hearing from the channel. Especially gossip, rumour and innuendo. I would like to mention one particular reseller who e-mailed me recently, Tripoint, and tell you a story about one of its employees, Anna.

I have never met Anna. But I must thank her for e-mailing me this week to show me her brand new homepage.

I have seen a lot of home pages before. I loved the one about that kid who lives in a trailer park, and that one about the Little Richard lookalike who thinks he is a sex god. But this one, apparently, took the cake.

Thankfully someone had informed me earlier that day that I shouldn't get too excited about people showing me their homepages, as it was likely to be a malicious virus.

But spank you Anna. Spank you very much. I love hearing from the channel.

"Hi! You've got to see this page! It's really cool! ;o)"File attachment: homepage.HTML.vbsSend your gossip, rumour and innuendo to And easy on the .vbs files folks.

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