Has anyone seen our AS/400 computers?

Has anyone seen our AS/400 computers?

We can't run a Tabloid without passing some comment on the hi-jinx of everyone's favourite, fair-play IT megalith Microsoft. It seems Bill's global empire has had trouble eating humble pie and admitting that the industry's favourite sturdy ole' black box, the AS/400 (oops, I mean the iSeries, many apologies to Big Blue and associates), is in fact the world's most stable and reliable computer. Rumour has it that a failed attempt to replace 23 AS/400-iSeries servers with a Windows NT server farm, running a head count of 1200, has been neatly parcelled off into the hands of an unknown outsourcing company. Sources have it that the iSeries continues to play a major role in the information processing requirements of Microsoft, despite its attempt to convince all who will listen that the servers are all but extinct in the hallowed Redmond halls.

If nothing else our own Federal Minister, John Fahey, could learn a little about outsourcing appropriateness and relevance from the Microsoft camp - it is designed to get you out of trouble, rather than thrust you into the thick of it.

Credit where credit's due, Tabloid has to thank the little birds who avidly read US-based Midrange Technology Showcase for sneaking us the information.

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