Techplus offers security service

Techplus offers security service

Techplus Distribution has stumbled across a security intelligence service originating in New Zealand and has struck up a deal to distribute it in Australia.

E-Secure-IT is a global service that offers systems integrators, service providers and end users an advisory service on new security threats, vulnerabilities and other issues customised to what IT infrastructure the customer has in place. It advises customers daily on topics such as new virus outbreaks, vulnerabilities in a particular network operating system or the stability of a particular type of server.

Techplus managing director Paul Kern came across the service while in discussions with several of his systems integrator customers in New Zealand. "They raved about it," he said. "Some of them are especially active in the security market, so they rely on it very heavily."

Originating in New Zealand, the team at E-Secure-IT had made some grounds on the US market but had never tackled Australia. With Techplus now on board, the US site includes a link to a page that lists telecommunication disruptions in Australia. Kern said the mainstream services E-Secure offers are as relevant in Australia as they are in the US and need not be customised, but telecommunications disruptions was a value-added service that was "very relevant to Australia".

Kern said there are already several alternatives to E-Secure, but none with its scale and quality. The CERT (computer emergency response team) service is one example of a service that advises the industry on security issues, but Kern said the service is expensive and not as comprehensive as E-Secure.

Similarly, one could subscribe to the update services of each individual vendor that has its brand on the equipment in an organisation's IT infrastructure. But Kern said often vulnerabilities are found in a combination of vendor's products, rather than just in a standalone piece of equipment. There are also several high-profile vendors who are infamous for not making public the vulnerabilities found in their products. "Some of the biggest vendors out there tend to only put out an advisory once they have investigated, identified and found out how to fix the problem," Kern said.

Techplus will target the service at integrators and other service providers that manage customer's infrastructure, and any end-user customers that keep their IT services in-house. The service starts at around $8000 a year.

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