Viva Las Vegas as LANMania winners tear up the strip

Viva Las Vegas as LANMania winners tear up the strip

It's the networking channel's partner event that others can only aspire to. Ten days, three US cities, a dozen or so resellers and corporate sponsorship of some amazing activities. LAN Systems took its annual LANMania promotion winners to touch up Las Vegas, New Orleans and Los Angeles recently in recognition of some pretty first-class results from its channel top guns.


- Alcatel sponsored a late-afternoon helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, which continued on to an authentic western working ranch for a BBQ style dinner and typical ranch hospitality. The flight back at sunset was timed to perfection as the group approached the neon lights of "the strip" lit up against the night's sky. Alcatel organised local Australian representative Simon Rachowski to join the gang for the presentation and event.

- Cisco treated the Mania crew to dinner in the Eiffel Tower, followed by a night of magical entertainment with the Cirque du Soleil productions of "O".

- Nortel gave a presentation at the Las Vegas Speedway and followed it with the opportunity to race Nascars with professional drivers. The Mania crew topped speeds of 250kph which was "exhilarating", according to one participant.

- McAfee invited its VP of Avert, Vincent Gullotto, to talk to the guys about what happens when a worldwide virus outbreak happens. The group was then transferred on Harley-Davidsons to pre-dinner drinks at the Stratosphere with a bird's-eye view of Las Vegas at sunset. They then moved on to dinner at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, Chinois, where they sat on the bridge across the Roman Forum in Caesar's Palace and were treated to a fabulous meal.

- With 3Com used to dodging SEC bullets, it was fitting the company sponsored a night at the American Gun Club. With professional marksmen providing the necessary safety brief, Mania winners fired off handguns before trying their luck with a machine gun.

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