Earthly needs

Earthly needs

Online data-backup services keep Geokinetics compliant as it rapidly builds out its IT infrastructure

John Lewis, IS director at Geokinetics, didn't let the geophysical services company's rapid growth shake him up.

In recent years, the US company grew quickly through acquisition - then faced the challenge of merging five independent entities into a single public company. That had IT building a Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant infrastructure in the space of 12 months, Lewis says.

Lewis first had to figure out how to control the data-archiving infrastructure. Electronic discovery was the next requirement, especially as Rules 16 and 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure had been amended to provide a framework for preserving electronically stored documents and conducting e-discovery. Lewis, an attorney by training, says he didn't want to get caught out of compliance and have to explain it.

Enter Iron Mountain, and its LiveVault, Connected Backup/PC and Total Email Management Suite. Geokinetics has been using the online data-backup services since September 2007.

"We wanted to move the company from an independently managed infrastructure to a shared infrastructure for IT," Lewis says. "Centralizing on a single backup platform and e-mail management system achieved that goal. We were able to very quickly apply a working solution to each of the sites, which in our case span six continents."

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