Lotus helps companies stay organised with new release

Lotus helps companies stay organised with new release

Corporations that standardise on robust groupware products, such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange, are able to provide their employees with e-mail and other handy applications that help them stay organised.

But companies that simply provide e-mail usually leave employees to their own devices when it comes to managing their contacts, schedule, to-dos and business notes.

For these companies, Lotus Organizer Release 6 is a solid and user-friendly personal information manager (PIM) at a reasonable price.

The latest version of Organizer, which shipped in late September and competes directly with Microsoft Outlook 2000, offers several key features, including tighter integration with the Web and synchronisation with popular handheld devices.

In addition, Organizer offers an appealing interface that closely resembles a paper-based organiser, making it easy for users to transition from paper to the computer screen.

In my tests, I was pleasantly surprised by how thoroughly Lotus has integrated the Web with the application. For example, I could add links to my favorite Web sites directly into the Web Entry section of Organizer.

With this feature, I could automatically store my user name and password for sites that require them. When you launch a Web site either from the browser or from Organizer, the user name and password are filled in automatically.

Calendar standard

In addition, Organizer now supports the iCalendar standard, an Internet-based group scheduling standard. With iCalendar, users can now schedule meetings with users of any other PIM.

I was also very pleased to see that Organizer includes the updated EasySync application that allows users to synchronise with devices such as the 3Com PalmPilot and IBM WorkPad.

Although Organizer is far from revolutionary, if you are looking for a simple, user-friendly PIM, or if you need a way to synchronise your business information with your personal digital assistant, you should definitely consider Lotus Organizer Release 6.the bottom lineLotus Organiser Release 6Summary: Lotus Organizer Release 6 is a user-friendly personal information manager (PIM) that helps people manage contacts, schedules, to-dos, and business notes. It integrates with the Web and synchronises with handheld devices.

Business Case: For companies that haven't standardised on a groupware product, Lotus Organizer is an inexpensive way to help employees stay organised. Because it is easy to use, it should appeal to both technical and non-technical people.


Easy to use; paper-based metaphor

Stores URLs with user name and password

Synchronises with handheld devices

Takes quick snapshots of Web pages


Only supports Windows platform

Platforms: Windows 95/98, Windows NT

Price: Available on application through local distributors:

Tech Pacific (02) 9381 6000, ITG (02) 9741 2000 and Express Data (02) 9598 9152Lotus

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