New strategy at MS support services

New strategy at MS support services

Tabloid does not, has never and will never, support the motives of hackers. They are a disruption to the otherwise idyllic world of the Internet. But this really is of some mild mirth. And even though it says, it is a mirrored site sent around via e-mail so it is not "officially" a hack now is it?

The site encourages Microsoft users to leave the support people alone and learn how to "Read the f&%$ng manual". It mocks the vendor's programming language strategy, and branches off to various other sites containing product descriptions of Microsoft's "etch-a-sketch.Net", and a "Copyright search engine" which claims Microsoft's ownership of anything you type into the window.

To be fair to MS, this is ever so slightly childish. So, just for once, we thought we'd be a tiny little bit infantile by sharing it with our beloved readership.

The site has since been taken down, much to the disappointment of Scott McNealy et al.

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