OOPL gives the thumbs up

OOPL gives the thumbs up

Australian development services company Object Orientated Pty Ltd (OOPL) has begun considering .Net alongside its traditional software technologies for deploying enterprise applications.

Historically, OOPL has focused on technologies such as CORBA and Java that are stable and functional enough for building enterprise scalable systems. But upon reviewing Microsoft's .Net framework and development tools, OOPL chief architect Peter Richardson was impressed with Microsoft's efforts in the enterprise space.

"Before .Net, Microsoft didn't have the coverage of all the sorts of issues we care about when building enterprise applications," he said.

Richardson said the company is not vendor-aligned, and is constantly reviewing its options for upcoming projects. He predicts many large organisations will begin considering deployment of new systems using the .Net Framework in the next six to 12 months, and has adjusted the OOPL business to meet the demand. OOPL has since hired Damien Watkins, one of the software engineers at Monash University who advised Microsoft on building the .Net Framework, to lead the technical team on Microsoft projects.

"This is not to say everything .Net does is best-of-breed by any means," he said. "But our assessment is that Microsoft is now at least putting ticks in most of the boxes that concern us."

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