What's new from ... Belkin, Liebert, Upsonic, M+H Power Systems

What's new from ... Belkin, Liebert, Upsonic, M+H Power Systems

The Regulator Pro Silver Series represents Belkin's line of state-of-the-art power protection. Combining the Uninterruptible Power Supply with a true surge protector within the one unit, the Silver Series is aimed at the small-office or home-office user market. The shutdown software instantly saves and closes all open programs and files when a power outage strikes.

The Regulator Pro Silver Series protects systems against surges, spikes, blackouts and even lightning strikes. The unit features a $75,000 connected equipment warranty and a Data Recovery Warranty. With dimensions of 9 x 2.5 x 7 inches, and weighing around 3kg, the system's space-saving design is ideal for work environments where space is at a premium. Features include 650VA, with up to 25 minutes of back-up time to shutdown computers before a blackout does, four outlets, two surge-protected only and two battery back-up outlets, power management shutdown software and a user replaceable battery. RJ11 phone/fax/ Internet/DSL protection is also included. The system comes with software compatible with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and NT, Novell versions 4.1 and above, Linux, SCO, Solaris and FreeBSD. The system will be available in Australia from July 1 and RRP starts at $179.

Belkin: (02) 4325 4666


In response to a growing need for flexible, scalable and compact solutions, Liebert Corporation recently launched a new power fulfilment system to protect business from losses of both data and productivity.

Scalable from 4 to 16kVA, the Nfinity can be configured to multiple combinations of power and battery modules as required to maximise redundancy and battery back-up times. Nfinity features a patent-pending electrical current sharing technology to guarantee equal distribution of power among all modules. The IntelliBattery modules ulitise multiple sensors to monitor, troubleshoot and isolate modules that are necessary to protect the battery network. The modules provide microprocessor control with layers of redundancy to ensure system operation and communications availability. This ensures a constant supply of premium quality power and a seamless transition among modules in the event one is taken offline.

The modules are also hot-swappable, allowing the user to seamlessly remove or install modules without disruption of power to the connected load. The Nfinity also incorporates a bypass technique to guarantee continuity of output power. It also offers multiple communication paths for the monitoring and control of both in-band and out-of-band communications, including a front-panel display, direct serial connection and remote access to the network via SNMP or by modem connection. The unit ships fully assembled and can be easily installed out of the box. RRP starts at $9000 and the system is available now.

Liebert: 1800 622 274


Billed as the "intelligent double conversion true online UPS system", the PP+3000B is a high performance, powerful and intelligent UPS system for mission-critical applications.

The Pro Power Plus series is the most effective solution to protect sensitive equipment from all types of power disturbances, according to Upsonic. The true online double conversion UPS features automatic bypass, near unity power factor and an RS232 communication port for sophisticated control and monitoring. The UPS provides an economical way to deliver a clean, continuous 240 volt 50Hz supply to critical or emergency equipment.

Harmonic distortion is less than 3 per cent at full linear load. An LED display indicates line, inv, bypass, fault, load level and battery level. The system also features Auto Restart and DC startup capabilities, as well as a RS232 LAN interface with mains fail, battery low and remote shutdown UPS. The PP+3000B has a run-time of 5 minutes at full load and 15 minutes at half load. The system retails for $3735.60 and is available now.

Upsonic: (02) 9804 0044

M+H Power Systems

Supporting UPSMON power management software, and with telephone, modem, fax and Internet surge protection, the King Office Suite multi-device power protection is fully digitised microprocessor-controlled. It offers EMI/RFI noise filtration, SNMP capability, and lightning and surge protection. The system includes 50/60Hz frequency auto-sensing, short-circuit and overload protection, and advanced battery management. The KOF-500S and 750S models also include automatic shutdown, graphic display of power quality, and paging and broadcast of abnormal status. Smart saving of files, power event tracking and multiple UPS management via the network is also available with these models.

Retail prices start at $198 for the KOF-320, with the 520S and 750S costing $297 and $363 respectively. All include a two-year warranty.

M+H Power Systems: (02) 9882 1999

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