Packet-inspection box gives carriers more control

Packet-inspection box gives carriers more control

Procera's latest offering cranks through 80Gbps, offers new management features

Procera Networks is announcing a packet-inspection box for carriers that can sort traffic at 80Gbps and shape it in order to support different QoS levels for customers.

The PacketLogic PL 10000 lets providers discern traffic types -- for example, peer-to-peer, gaming and video -- so they can create services to support QoS for different mixes of applications.

If providers can view the traffic crossing their network and can assign separate bandwidth or priority to different types, they can better engineer their networks to handle traffic efficiently and minimize network overbuild, Procera says.

The PacketLogic device, which can cost US$800,000, is already deployed in four carrier networks including Com Hem, a cable provider in Scandinavia.

Along with the new box, Procera is releasing new software for its PL line of packet-inspection gear. The new Flow Synchronization feature allows the exchange of flow information among PL boxes using a minimum of management overhead. Queue Synchronization distributes traffic-priority rules across PL devices to impose QoS across large networks. A new statistics engine in the software allows network engineers to drill down into details about traffic anomalies so they can resolve issues more quickly in networks using multiple PL boxes.

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