KITBAG: What's new ... UPS devices

KITBAG: What's new ... UPS devices

PC Power UPS

The PC Power UPS features intelligent RS232 communication, automatic voltage regulation (buck & boost), and cold start function. It includes bundled SmartMon automatic shutdown and monitoring software which protect against power other disturbances entering from other paths. Upsonic claims this is the only UPS of its type that will operate in a generator environment. Models range from 300VA to 1200VA, and 180 watts to 720 watts, making them popular for the SOHO market.

Upsonic Power Australia - Ph: 1800 634 307,

Tripp Lite Smart Pro

Network UPS

The Smart Pro line up ranges from 450VA to 3000VA and comes in a choice of rackmount or XL (extended-run) models. Rackmounted models include hot swappable battery replacement, while the XL models have longer standard runtimes. The range comes with up to three built-in serial ports providing simultaneous shut-down commands and reporting on multiple servers. The display panel's warning lights flash and change colours to display up to 17 different performance conditions.

All models come with PowerAlert software that is compatible with most operating systems and enables system managers to constantly monitor network power.

Tripp Lite - 02 9349 7581,

Powerware 9170 modulaR,

scalable midrange UPS

The Powerware 9170 is modular and scalable in UPS that can be expanded from 3kva to 18kva. It has the expandability to grow with an IT manager's system, by adding additional power and battery modules. It offers the option of N+X power and logic redundancy, eliminating the potential system-level single point of failure.

The unit is configurable to any power system in the world by using one of only four enclosure options and two power module options. The 9170 has its own built-in operating system and features a user-friendly LCD display and two internal communications slots that accept a wide variety of connectivity devices, including the new SNMP/Web adapter card.

Powerware 9120

Powerware 9120 is the latest addition to its Series 9 product family and is a single phase UPS designed for such applications as small to medium networks, web servers, telecommunications and other critical networking equipment. The 9120 includes high-frequency, double-conversion online topology, along with a LCD screen for UPS status information, and battery modules for extended run time. It has Advanced Battery Management (ABM) which uses a three-stage charging technique that only doubles battery service life and optimises battery charge time.

Invensys Energy Systems - Ph (02) 9870 5258,


American Power Conversion (APC) has announced enhancements to its Smart-UPS range including the introduction of a smaller (3.5 inches high) rack-mount model. The new 2U Smart-UPS rack-mount UPS is available in 700VA, 1000VA, and 1400VA models with the 1000VA and 1400VA models providing an average 35 percent more battery runtime than APC's existing rack-mount UPSs.

Battery replacement has been improved enabling users to disconnect and replace the batteries without disturbing the connected load.

The Smart-UPS family can be managed by all major network management platforms. Prices begin at $1025.

Back-UPS Pro

American Power Conversion's new Back-UPS Pro product line is designed for the protection of applications, peripherals and data in small to medium enterprises and comes in 280kVA, 420kVA and 650kVA models.

The products include: unattended file-saving software integrated with Windows; three battery back-up and one surge-only outlet offer; one-line phone/fax/modem surge suppression designed for Internet protection, and automatic voltage regulation. Prices begin at $371.

American Power Conversion (APC) - (02) 9955 9366,

Liebert UPStation GXT

A multi module range of UPS that has been designed for telecommunications and network equipment. It is expandable in 3kVA increments to 9kVA with an additional 3kVa redundancy. They come with integrated IntelliPOD power output distribution units for maintenance by pass and UPS monitoring. Communications are hot swappable, as are the batteries. A variety of communication options are available and an optional SNMP card allows the UPStation GXT to be used as a fully interactive node on a network.

Nfinity UPS

Both modular and scalable the Nfinity range can be expanded with the use of hot swappable 4kVa modules with up to four modules operating at once. Each battery module comprises 10 individual 12-volt batteries. The control panel provides details of the status of the UPS including the power and battery modules and the unit includes four Intellislot ports that allow a variety of communication options ranging from SNMP cards that communicate with the network to MultiPort 4 cards that allow up to four client computers to monitor UPS status.

Liebert - 02 9743 8555,


Distributed by Nilsen Technol-ogies, IMV's LanPro UPS is an online-menageable system that operates in double conversion mode and is fully compliant with IMV's remote control, monitoring and power management software.

Featuring IMV's Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA); battery management functionality; and power ratings from 3 to 30 kVA, LanPro provides reliable and robust protection for medium sized mission-critical installations such as LAN's, WAN's, telecommunication, process and infrastructure applications.

Nilsen Technologies - (03) 9450 1300,

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