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Foundry Delivers a new generation of industry leading, high-performance, high-density modular Layer 4-7 Switches

  • 13 April, 2004 13:12

<p>April 13, 2004 – Foundry Networks, a performance and total solutions leader for end-to-end switching and routing, today announced new high-density modular ServerIron Layer 4-7 systems and significant enhancements to the TrafficWorks IronWare operating system that powers its ServerIron Layer 4-7 load balancing switches. The industry’s first 10 Gigabit Ethernet enabled ServerIron 450 and 850 modular switches, powered by Foundry’s innovative JetCore technology, high-performance network processors and rich application intelligence, increase availability, security and scalability of mission-critical applications.</p>
<p>Key highlights of the new ServerIron 450 and 850 systems, and TrafficWorks IronWare application switching enhancements include:</p>
<p>Up to a four-fold increase in connection performance and Denial of Service (DoS) protection performance for unprecedented application performance and security. The switches deliver up to 300,000 Layer 4 connections per second, and protection against DoS attacks up to 4,000,000 TCP SYN packets per second while serving legitimate user traffic.</p>
<p>High density Gigabit connectivity to servers, including blade server farms, with support for up to 112 Copper and Fiber Gigabit Ethernet ports in a single chassis with advanced Layer 2/3 switching and routing, and Layer 4-7 application switching integrated in a single platform.</p>
<p>Industry’s first modular, purpose-built Layer 4-7 switch family with 10 Gigabit Ethernet support to deliver high throughput content rich applications for Enterprises and Service Providers.</p>
<p>3rd generation content analysis engine that increases application security and availability with support for mission-critical applications, including HTTP, SOAP, XML, FIX, WAP, SIP and others.</p>
<p>The highly flexible and customisable content engine performs sophisticated inspection, filtering, switching and prioritisation of application traffic to maximise application availability and security.</p>
<p>Industry’s first FIXSWITCH capability that automates connectivity, improves manageability and security, and enables rapid disaster recovery for Financial Information eXchange (FIX) applications. FIX applications are widely used to automate information exchange for securities trading, and use the FIX protocol standard.</p>
<p>Advanced Policy Based Server Load Balancing (PBSLB) for SPAM mitigation and prevention, which filters user messages against numerous policy lists consisting of up to millions of entries. High-performance and easy-to-use policy manager allows real-time management of the user lists for effective SPAM mitigation.</p>
<p>Highly flexible cookie switching and advanced application health checking for easy integration and customisation for enterprise applications like Oracle Application Server and BEA WebLogic Server for maximum availability and efficiency.</p>
<p>The most comprehensive and efficient DNS security and availability solution that provides transaction rate limiting, DNS filtering, and DNS caching, in addition to load balancing and transparent failover, for a truly mission-critical DNS infrastructure.</p>
<p>Jumbo frame support for 9K+ Ethernet frames for maximising application throughput, and hardware-assisted always-on sFlow network traffic accounting and ACL support on Layer 2/3 and Layer 4-7 traffic flows.</p>
<p>"Layer 4-7 switches are gaining penetration into mission critical applications and helping extending the benefits of security and availability beyond Web applications," said Maximilian Flisi, research analyst at IDC. "Layer 4-7 switching platforms with a combination of application intelligence and high performance are needed to meet the evolving demands of next-generation application infrastructures."</p>
<p>“Growing demand for Gigabit Ethernet server farms and increasing adoption of blade servers requires high Gigabit Ethernet density Layer 4-7 switches with superior application intelligence and performance,” said Ken Cheng, vice president of marketing for Foundry. “The new ServerIron 450 and 850 switches combine the highest density switching platform with the best intelligence and highest performance to deliver maximum availability and scalability to mission-critical business applications for enterprise and service provider customers.”</p>
<p>Foundry’s ServerIron 450 and 850 Layer 4-7 switches provide sophisticated application traffic and content switching features including server load balancing, URL and cookie based switching, global server load balancing, and transparent cache switching. Some of the world’s most demanding customers such as AOL TimeWarner, CheckFree Corporation, NTT DoCoMo, and Wachovia Bank rely on Foundry ServerIron systems for server farm scalability and application security.</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability</p>
<p>ServerIron 450 and 850 switches are available immediately and ship with the following configurations.</p>
<p>ServerIron 450: 4-slot chassis with a next-generation Web Switching Management Module (WSM6) and expansion slots for up to three JetCore ASIC-based 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet line cards. Each chassis supports up to 48 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet (Copper and Fiber) ports. Pricing for the ServerIron 450 starts at AU$50,120 and NZ$58,082.</p>
<p>ServerIron 850: 8-slot chassis with a next-generation Web Switching Management Module (WSM6) and expansion slots for up to seven JetCore ASIC-based 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet line cards. Each chassis supports up to 144 10/100 and 112 Gigabit Ethernet (Copper and Fiber) ports. Pricing for the ServerIron 850 starts at AU$41,795 and NZ$48,433.</p>
<p>The new TrafficWorks enhancements are available in the new premium software version and can be used on the new ServerIron 450/850, and existing ServerIron 100, 400 and 800 systems. Existing customers with support contracts currently using the premium TrafficWorks software can upgrade to the new software with no extra charge.</p>
<p>About Foundry Networks
Foundry Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: FDRY) is a leading provider of high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing and Web traffic management solutions including Layer 2/3 LAN switches, Layer 3 Backbone switches, Layer 4 - 7 Web switches, Wireless LAN and access points, and Metro Routers. Foundry's 6,500 customers include the world's premier ISPs, Metro service providers, and enterprises including e-commerce sites, universities, entertainment, health and wellness, government, financial, and manufacturing companies. For more information about the company and its products, call 1.888.TURBOLAN or visit</p>
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