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Australian International School Singapore achieves lower operating costs with 3Com NBX solutions

  • 19 April, 2004 13:05

<p>3Com- NBX 100 System Provides Cost Effective, Easy-to-Use Features Rich Solution for Mid-Size Organisations</p>
<p>AUSTRALIA, 19 April, 2004 – 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) today announced that the Australian International School Singapore (AISS) is using 3Com®’s NBX® solution to expand its information communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, to lower operating costs and enhance productivity.</p>
<p>As part of AISS’s vision of implementing a world-class ICT system, the school installed an Internet Protocol (IP) telephony system when it moved to its new Lorong Chuan campus in July 2003. In its previous campus, AISS had eight analogue lines for150 staff and found the traditional PBX system had too many functionality restrictions, impeded staff productivity and was costly to manage. Adding additional lines incurred additional cost and work was carried out according to the service provider’s schedule rather than the school’s needs. The IP telephony system installed gives AISS far greater control over its communication resources.</p>
<p>After an extensive review process, AISS chose 3Com’s SuperStack® 3 NBX® V5000 Networked Telephony Solution. “3Com’s NBX solution is a perfect fit for a mid-size organisation, such as AISS. When we purchased the system, we were provided with 250 licenses; far more than any other vendor would supply without additional cost.” said Michael Eggenhuizen, director of ICT, Australian International School Singapore. “The NBX system gives our IT staff more control, allowing us to customise our phone system. With the PBX system, functionality such as number portability was unavailable, but with our IP system staff can personalise their phones according to their needs and enjoy a whole range of services, such as unified messaging.”</p>
<p>Installing 3Com’s NBX system took less than a week and is ranked by the school as one of its smoothest transitions during the move. AISS’ staff was trained on how to use the new phone system in two, one hour sessions via 3Com’s partner program. The school now has 64 lines with 60 hard phones, and will implement 20 soft phones during the next school term.</p>
<p>Mr Eggenhuizen added, “The savings we have made through installing 3Com’s NBX system are substantial. For the same amount of money spent on our old PBX system, we have increased the number of lines by eight times, and as a result of that, our voice traffic has increased tremendously. We took a radical step in implementing an all IP telephony system but we have not had any problems with the network or voice quality. We are enjoying a much better product that brings us greater value for the same price.”</p>
<p>“3Com has years of experience and expertise in the small and midsize business market and is committed to offering products and solutions that best serve these customers’ needs,” said Adelene Ong, country manager, 3Com Singapore. “The award-winning NBX solution delivers cost-effective communications, easy-to-use features and open architecture for straightforward applications integration. These features allow AISS to enjoy brand new telephony solutions and ultimately lower their operating costs while increasing their staff productivity.”</p>
<p>Moving ahead, AISS plans to install a soft phone on every staff member’s computer. This will allow staff to remain connected while on the move. Leveraging technology will remain a key mandate at AISS. “Since we built a state-of-the-art school, the initial investment was justifiable - why install an outdated analogue phone system in an intelligent school?” concluded Mr Eggenhuizen.</p>
<p>About 3Com SuperStack® 3 NBX® V5000 Networked Telephony Solution ®
The SuperStack® 3 NBX® V5000 Networked Telephony Solution concept was developed based on 3Com’s award-winning SuperStack switch. The solution offers pay-as-you-grow scalability that is economical for twenty users and powerful enough to support 1,500 users. It has the intelligence, power and flexibility for managing the most demanding communications needs of organisation in one of many locations.</p>
<p>As business inevitably change, so the 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX solution is software upgradeable for easy expansion and maximum flexibility. Using an intuitive administrative portal, 3Com NBX NetSet™, allows individual users and administrators fully customise the SuperStack 3NBX solution to meet individual requirements.</p>
<p>Since the 3Com voice communications technology is built with the mobility concept in mind, it is equipped with self-locating capabilities. The technology completely eliminates the high costs and high anxiety normally associated with moving an office telephone. Users will simply unplug a phone from one location and plug it into another network jack. The user’s extension number, voice mail and personal settings move with the phone.</p>
<p>In addition to these, the system is outfitted with a powerful voice messaging system. Users can listen over the phone or use a PC with either a browser or a standard IMAP4-compatible email client to hear and manage voicemail. Voicemails can also be saved as a .WAV file and can be detached, shared or stored indefinitely in the e-mail client.</p>
<p>3Com’s NBX solutions are standards-based to assure easy integration of new applications. From a foundation of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet that allows users plug NBX phones into millions of Ethernet ports around the world, customers can grow their communications network easily.</p>
<p>About AISS
The Australian International School Singapore is a leading educational institution in the Asia Pacific region, catering for students of all nationalities. For further information about AISS please visit our website at</p>
<p>About 3Com
3Com is a leading provider of innovative, practical and high-value voice and data networking products, services and solutions for enterprises of all sizes and public sector organisations. For further information, please visit, or the press site</p>
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