Savoring the fruits of the Green 15's seeds

Savoring the fruits of the Green 15's seeds

There are plenty of valuable lessons in sustainability to be gleaned from the 2008 Green 15 winners

Spurred by business needs as well as environmental concerns, green IT projects blossomed in datacenters and on desktops throughout the world in 2007.

To encourage environmentally sound practices in a world where the serious repercussions of climate change are becoming all too clear, the first annual Green 15 award recipients are those organizations that have made significant energy-saving, waste-reducing initiatives.

This year's winners are, in alphabetical order:

What's behind green-tech initiatives and the choices

The impetus for green IT projects -- not just those in the Green 15 -- run the gamut: Some companies are struggling with limited space and power to keep pace with their ever-increasing technological needs, and thus need to eliminate and consolidate machines. Some seek to put a dent in soaring energy bills through power management and improved heating and cooling. Some are committed to protecting the environment by reducing waste and cutting their carbon emissions. And some are, quite frankly, investing in green technology not for the environmental benefits -- nor necessarily the lower power bills -- but because it happens to meet another business need. The green payoff is a happy bonus.

The goal with the Green 15, however, wasn't to simply reward initiatives based on what inspired them. Rather, we considered the net effects of the projects, taking into account what technologies and best practices were applied to a business goal and what the ultimate result was in terms of environmental benefits, the business implications, and the lessons learned to be applied to future initiatives.

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